Braintree Director of Municipal Finance Retires After 16 Years

Ed Spellman’s Departure Leaves Braintree Searching for New Revenue Sources

After serving as the Director of Municipal Finance in Braintree for nearly 16 years, Ed Spellman is set to retire next week. His departure comes at a crucial time for the town, as Mayor Erin Joyce’s administration grapples with the challenge of finding approximately $10 million in new revenues or spending cuts to balance the upcoming annual budget. As the town bids farewell to Spellman, his contributions to Braintree’s financial stability and his expertise in municipal finance are being recognized and celebrated.

A Legacy of Financial Stewardship

During his tenure, Spellman played a pivotal role in increasing Braintree’s financial reserves and raising its bond rating. Former Mayor Joseph Sullivan, who brought Spellman to Braintree in 2008, praised his work as the “financial architect” behind the town’s success. Spellman’s dedication to his role as the Director of Municipal Finance ensured that Braintree remained fiscally responsible and well-prepared for the future.

The Importance of a Municipal Finance Director

Town Councilor Meredith Boericke highlighted the breadth of skills required of a municipal finance director. From navigating state laws to managing pension funds and tax rates, Spellman served as an expert resource for the mayor’s office and the town council throughout the year, not just during budget season. His deep understanding of the intricacies of budget issues and his willingness to explain them to others made him an invaluable asset to Braintree’s financial management.

Searching for a Successor

Mayor Erin Joyce expressed her gratitude for Spellman’s contributions and acknowledged that his presence would be missed at town hall. The search for a new town finance director is already underway, with interviews conducted last week. Joyce anticipates making an announcement regarding the appointment in the near future. The new director will inherit the responsibility of ensuring the town’s financial stability and finding innovative solutions to address the budgetary challenges ahead.

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A Distinguished Career in Municipal Finance

Ed Spellman’s career in municipal finance spans over 35 years. A graduate of Boston College, he began his journey as Dedham’s town treasurer before working in East Bridgewater and Milton. Prior to joining Braintree, Spellman served as Newton’s treasurer. In his role as the Director of Municipal Finance in Braintree, he oversaw various offices, including the accountant’s, assessor’s, purchasing, treasurer’s, and collector’s offices. His wealth of experience and expertise have been instrumental in shaping Braintree’s financial landscape.


As Ed Spellman bids farewell to his role as the Director of Municipal Finance in Braintree, his retirement marks the end of an era. His dedication and financial stewardship have played a crucial role in ensuring the town’s stability and growth. As Braintree embarks on the search for a new finance director, the challenges of balancing the budget and finding new revenue sources will be at the forefront. Spellman’s legacy will serve as a reminder of the importance of sound financial management and the expertise required to navigate the complexities of municipal finance.