Breaking Bread: John Stitt

Breaking Bread: John Stitt

A Mexican Restaurant in Oklahoma

In the midst of a deeply divided America, finding common ground seems like an insurmountable task. However, journalist Alexander Heffner aims to bridge this gap through his new series, Breaking Bread. Heffner embarks on a journey across the country, engaging in candid conversations over meals with powerful political figures from both sides of the aisle. In this installment, Heffner sits down with Republican Governor John Stitt at San Marcos restaurant in Oklahoma City, where they discuss crucial issues such as reproductive rights, coronavirus precautions, and indigenous peoples’ protections.

State’s Rights and Reproductive Rights

Governor John Stitt, a staunch advocate for state’s rights, emphasizes the importance of allowing individual states to make decisions regarding reproductive rights. He argues that this approach ensures that the diverse needs and values of each state are respected. Stitt’s stance on this contentious issue reflects the wider debate surrounding federalism and the balance of power between the federal government and individual states.

Coronavirus Precautions and Public Health

During their lunch, Heffner and Governor Stitt delve into the topic of coronavirus precautions. Stitt emphasizes the need for a balanced approach that protects public health while also considering the economic impact of strict lockdown measures. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to challenge policymakers, the conversation highlights the delicate balance between preserving lives and safeguarding livelihoods.

Indigenous Peoples’ Protections

The protection of indigenous peoples’ rights is another crucial issue discussed over the meal. Governor Stitt acknowledges the importance of upholding the sovereignty and cultural heritage of Native American tribes. He emphasizes the need for collaboration and respect between state governments and tribal nations, recognizing the unique challenges faced by indigenous communities.

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Incentivizing Empathy and Compromise

Heffner’s approach in Breaking Bread is to incentivize empathy and compromise among political leaders. By engaging in personal conversations over a shared meal, he seeks to foster a new consensus that transcends partisan divisions. The series aims to humanize politicians and encourage them to find common ground, ultimately leading to more effective governance.


Breaking Bread with Governor John Stitt at San Marcos restaurant in Oklahoma City offers a glimpse into the potential for dialogue and understanding in a divided nation. The discussions on state’s rights, reproductive rights, coronavirus precautions, and indigenous peoples’ protections highlight the complexities of these issues and the need for nuanced approaches. Heffner’s series serves as a reminder that finding common ground is not only possible but necessary for progress. By breaking bread together, politicians can bridge the divide and work towards a more united America.