Financial Experts Share Top Tips for a New Year Money Regime

Financial Experts Share Top Tips for a New Year Money Regime

Learn simple changes that can yield the biggest financial returns with minimal effort.

As we enter a new year following a tumultuous 2023 filled with financial shocks and budget constraints, many of us are looking to start fresh with our finances. But what are the simple changes we can make that will have the greatest impact on our financial well-being? In this article, we turn to the experts from the FT Money Clinic podcast who share their top tips for a new year money regime. From mastering the jam jar method to investing in yourself, preparing for political change, and applying the “sandwich theory” to tough financial decisions, these tips offer a practical and effective approach to managing your money in the year ahead.

Master the jam jar method

The jam jar method, a tried and tested budgeting technique, involves separating your money into different pots or accounts. In the digital age, this method has been given a modern update with the ability to create separate “pots” or “jars” within your online bank account. By automatically allocating specific amounts of money into these pots on payday, you can easily keep track of your finances. Setting up a separate bills account is particularly transformative, as it allows you to keep your fixed costs separate and clearly see how much you have left to spend, save, or invest. Additionally, setting up sinking funds for annual expenses can help you avoid financial pinch points.

Focus on the most important thing to invest in

While investing in the stock market is important, the most valuable investment you can make is in yourself. Bola Sol, a financial adviser and content creator, emphasizes the need to make more money by leveraging your existing skills or learning new ones. This is especially crucial for younger generations who need to stay ahead in the rapidly changing landscape of technology and artificial intelligence. By upskilling and increasing your earning capacity, you can then invest more in financial assets, such as pensions and other long-term investments.

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Prepare for political change

With significant political moments expected on both sides of the Atlantic in the coming year, it’s essential to consider how these changes may impact your finances. While manifesto promises often favor older voters, experts advise the under-30s to become politically engaged and campaign for change. Pay close attention to the parties and individuals who are promising reforms that align with your financial goals, and vote accordingly. However, it’s important to remember that a good investment strategy should remain consistent regardless of political changes. Damian Jordan, a financial expert, highlights the importance of a long-term investment approach that stays focused on the bigger picture.

Apply ‘sandwich theory’ to tough financial decisions

In a year where budgets may be stretched thin, setting financial boundaries becomes crucial. Bola Sol suggests applying the “sandwich theory” when faced with tough financial decisions. Instead of simply saying no, sandwich the bad news between two positive statements. For example, when declining a wedding invitation, start with a positive statement expressing gratitude for the invitation, then politely decline, and end with another positive statement expressing a desire to catch up in the future. This approach makes it easier for both parties involved and helps protect your budget.


As we embark on a new year, it’s important to consider the simple changes we can make to improve our financial well-being. By mastering the jam jar method, focusing on investing in ourselves, preparing for political change, and applying the “sandwich theory” to tough financial decisions, we can create a solid foundation for a successful money regime. These tips from financial experts offer practical and effective strategies that can yield significant financial returns with minimal effort. So, as we bid farewell to the challenges of the past year, let’s embrace these tips and set ourselves up for a financially prosperous future.

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