Grand Traverse County Treasurer Heidi Scheppe to Assume Finance Director Role for Traverse City

Grand Traverse County Treasurer Heidi Scheppe to Assume Finance Director Role for Traverse City

Scheppe’s appointment fills a long-vacant leadership position, prompting the need for a county committee to appoint her replacement.

After a year-long search, the City of Traverse City has selected Grand Traverse County Treasurer Heidi Scheppe to fill the critical role of finance director/treasurer. Scheppe’s appointment comes after a prolonged period without consistent leadership in the finance department, following the retirement of long-time City Treasurer/Finance Director William Twietmeyer in 2020. The city’s charter requires the approval of at least five commissioners to hire or fire the treasurer and city clerk, a requirement that was not met when the previous treasurer was fired. Scheppe’s extensive experience and qualifications make her a highly anticipated addition to the city’s finance team.

A Year-Long Vacancy

The finance director/treasurer position at the City of Traverse City has been vacant for nearly a year, creating a period of extended transition for the city. During this time, the city has been operating under an interim finance director, with a competent group of staff members working diligently to keep things moving. Despite two major recruitment efforts, the city faced challenges in finding a highly experienced professional to fill the role permanently. However, the search concluded with the unanimous selection of Heidi Scheppe as the ideal candidate for the position.

Scheppe’s Qualifications and Expertise

Heidi Scheppe brings a wealth of experience to her new role as finance director/treasurer. Having worked with Grand Traverse County since 1999, she served as the deputy finance director from 1999 to 2012 before assuming the elected position of county treasurer. Scheppe’s responsibilities have included delinquent property tax collection, cash investments, budget preparations, annual comprehensive financial report composition, internal controls, and accounts payable. Her exceptional ability to multitask with a high degree of accuracy makes her well-suited for the demands of the finance director position.

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Endorsement from Interim City Manager

Interim City Manager Nate Geinzer expressed his confidence in Scheppe’s qualifications, stating that she is more than qualified for the position. Geinzer emphasized that Scheppe’s extensive experience and knowledge will enable her to seamlessly transition into the role and provide much-needed stability to the finance/treasury team. Multiple department directors have also expressed their excitement and relief at having someone as qualified as Scheppe in the position.

Smooth Transition and Collaboration

Scheppe, who has worked with several city department heads during her tenure with the county, looks forward to collaborating with the city employees. She expressed her willingness to assist the new county treasurer, who will be selected through an appointment process, as she will still be just across the hall. The treasurer’s office and finance department, although separate entities, work closely together to manage the overall financial systems of the county.


Heidi Scheppe’s appointment as the new finance director/treasurer for the City of Traverse City fills a crucial leadership role that has been vacant for almost a year. With her extensive experience and qualifications, Scheppe is well-positioned to bring stability and expertise to the finance department. The city’s decision to select Scheppe was met with enthusiasm from both city officials and department directors. As she takes on this new role, Scheppe’s collaboration with city employees and her availability to assist the incoming county treasurer will ensure a smooth transition and continued efficient financial management for both entities.