Mayor-elect Cherelle Parker Retains Rob Dubow as Finance Director, Ensuring Continuity in Philadelphia’s Fiscal Health

Mayor-elect Cherelle Parker Retains Rob Dubow as Finance Director, Ensuring Continuity in Philadelphia's Fiscal Health

Dubow’s Retention Signals Stability and Confidence in Philadelphia’s Financial Future

Mayor-elect Cherelle Parker has announced that she will retain Rob Dubow as the city’s finance director in her administration. Dubow, who has served in the same role under two previous administrations, is credited with steering Philadelphia into a stronger financial position. The announcement comes as Parker’s transition committee reveals a trio of finance and budget department appointees, emphasizing the importance of continuity in maintaining the city’s fiscal health.

A Strong Foundation for Philadelphia’s Financial Future

Under Mayor Jim Kenney’s administration, Philadelphia has seen significant improvements in its fiscal health. Despite incremental cuts to wage and business taxes, the city’s $6.3 billion budget boasts adequate cash reserves. Furthermore, the pension fund is projected to be 80% funded in five years, a substantial increase from the 44.8% when Kenney took office. These achievements provide a strong foundation for Parker’s administration to build upon.

The Importance of Consistency and Continuity

Mayor-elect Parker’s decision to retain Rob Dubow as finance director highlights the importance of consistency in financial management. Outgoing Mayor Kenney publicly expressed his support for Dubow, emphasizing the value of maintaining stability in this critical role. Dubow’s experience and expertise will ensure a seamless transition and enable the city to continue its positive trajectory.

Dubow’s Track Record and Contributions

Rob Dubow has a long history of serving in various financial roles within the city of Philadelphia. Since his appointment as finance director in 2008, Dubow successfully navigated the city through the financial crisis. His leadership has been instrumental in achieving strong credit ratings for Philadelphia’s general obligation bonds, with the current mix of ratings being the highest in over four decades. Dubow’s contributions have been recognized and praised by both city officials and credit rating agencies.

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The Role of Federal Aid and Financial Support

While Dubow and Kenney’s administration deserve credit for Philadelphia’s improved fiscal health, the city also benefited significantly from federal aid. The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 injected $1.4 billion into Philadelphia’s finances, alleviating some of the financial strain caused by the pandemic. The combination of prudent financial management and federal support has positioned Philadelphia for continued success in the coming years.

Parker’s Commitment to Building a Strong Team

Mayor-elect Parker’s appointment of Dubow as finance director is part of a broader effort to assemble a capable and experienced team. The retention of Robert McDermott as budget director and Ami Patel as deputy budget director further reinforces the commitment to continuity and expertise. These appointments ensure that the city’s budget and fiscal health will remain strong, serving the needs of Philadelphia’s residents for years to come.


Mayor-elect Cherelle Parker’s decision to retain Rob Dubow as finance director underscores the importance of continuity and stability in Philadelphia’s financial management. Dubow’s track record and contributions have positioned the city for continued success, supported by prudent financial management and federal aid. With a strong team in place, Parker’s administration is poised to build upon the foundation laid by Mayor Kenney and further enhance Philadelphia’s fiscal health.