The Arrival of the 1,400-Dollar Stimulus Checks: A Boost for Americans

The Arrival of the 1,400-Dollar Stimulus Checks: A Boost for Americans

Eligibility, Payments, and How to Check the Status

In a bid to stimulate the US economy and provide financial relief to millions of Americans, the government has introduced a series of stimulus checks. While the initial checks were smaller in value, the much-anticipated 1,400-dollar stimulus checks are now becoming a reality. In addition to these payments, eligible individuals will also receive the child tax credit payments. This article explores the eligibility criteria for the 1,400-dollar stimulus checks and provides insights into the payment process. Furthermore, it offers guidance on how individuals can check the status of their stimulus checks.

1: Eligibility for the 1,400-Dollar Stimulus Checks

The 1,400-dollar stimulus checks are available to individuals who meet certain criteria. To qualify, individuals must have a newborn in 2021. When filing their 2022 federal taxes, they will be eligible to receive the additional stimulus payment. It is important to note that these individuals may also be eligible for the temporarily increased child tax credit, which provides further financial support to families.

2: The Value and Distribution of the Stimulus Checks

The American Rescue Plan (APR) allocated 1.9 trillion dollars to provide stimulus checks and direct payments to millions of Americans. The 1,400-dollar stimulus checks are a part of this relief package. For families of four, the direct payments can amount to 5,600 dollars, with 1,400 dollars going to individuals earning less than 75,000 dollars, couples earning less than 150,000 dollars, and dependents. However, individuals earning more than 75,000 dollars will not receive the checks, with the income limit set at 80,000 dollars for singles and 160,000 dollars for married couples.

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3: How to Check the Status of the Stimulus Checks

Individuals who have requested the 1,400-dollar stimulus checks can easily check the status of their payment by visiting the official IRS website. Upon entering their Social Security number, they can log in to their application and navigate to the “1,400-dollar Stimulus Check Status” tab. In case of any issues or concerns, the IRS can be contacted for assistance.

4: Additional Benefits and Options

Apart from the 1,400-dollar stimulus checks, individuals may also be eligible for the 2021 Recovery Refund Credit. Filing a basic tax return can help individuals claim any unpaid stimulus payments as well as the Child Tax Credit. The “Get Your Child Tax Credit” option on the IRS website provides further information and assistance, even for those without children.


The arrival of the 1,400-dollar stimulus checks marks a significant moment for Americans seeking financial relief. Eligible individuals, particularly parents with newborns in 2021, can expect to receive this additional payment when filing their 2022 federal taxes. The stimulus checks, along with the child tax credit, aim to provide much-needed support to families and boost the US economy. By visiting the IRS website, individuals can easily check the status of their stimulus checks and access other benefits. As the distribution of these payments continues, it is crucial for eligible individuals to stay informed and take advantage of the available resources.