Laela Sturdy: Leading Alphabet’s Growth Stage Venture Arm with Vision

Laela Sturdy, the head of Alphabet’s growth stage venture arm, CapitalG, discusses her management style, investment strategy, and the role of AI in the portfolio companies.

Laela Sturdy, the head of CapitalG, Alphabet’s growth stage venture arm, has been making waves in the tech investment world. With a background in marketing and a keen eye for talent, Sturdy has risen through the ranks to lead a team of investors focused on supporting and scaling up growth-stage companies. In this interview, Sturdy shares insights into her management style, the unique resources available to CapitalG, and the role of AI in the portfolio companies.

Building a Strong Team and Expanding CapitalG’s Reach

Sturdy’s management style differs from her predecessor, David Lawee, as she places increased emphasis on team development and building out the firm. With a team of around 50 people, CapitalG leverages the expertise and resources of Google and Alphabet to support its portfolio companies. Sturdy highlights the collaboration with over 3,500 senior advisors within Alphabet, who assist with pricing analysis, scaling infrastructure, marketing, and sales incentives. This network of advisors allows CapitalG to provide valuable support to its portfolio companies.

Balancing Data Sharing and Confidentiality

Sturdy addresses concerns about data sharing between Alphabet and the portfolio companies. She emphasizes that everything is opt-in for the portfolio companies, and CapitalG operates separately from Alphabet. They do not share any portfolio company data with Alphabet, nor do they share any Alphabet data with the portfolio companies. Sturdy assures that the focus is on finding win-win situations and facilitating partnerships that benefit both parties.

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Investment Decision-Making and Portfolio Strategy

CapitalG’s investment decisions are made by an investment committee, which includes Sturdy and three other general partners. The committee evaluates deals brought by the general partners and makes decisions collectively. CapitalG typically invests between $50 million and $200 million in each company, focusing on sectors and businesses that offer differentiation and significant growth potential. Sturdy emphasizes that ownership percentage is flexible, and the focus is on maximizing money-on-money returns.

The Role of AI in CapitalG’s Portfolio Companies

Sturdy discusses the growing importance of AI in CapitalG’s portfolio companies. With a dedicated team focused on AI, CapitalG leverages the technical expertise within Alphabet to make strategic investments. Sturdy highlights the interest in areas where technical differentiation is crucial and existing distribution is less important. One such investment is Magic, a company focused on building an AI software engineer. Sturdy sees AI as a tool for enhancing customer experiences and rethinking marketing, customer support, and services within portfolio companies.

Long-Term Orientation and Focus on Returns

Sturdy emphasizes CapitalG’s long-term orientation and commitment to delivering returns. While strategic partnerships with Google and Alphabet are important, the primary focus is on generating strong financial returns. Sturdy believes that by being the best partners to founders, CapitalG can secure future investment opportunities and continue to support the growth of tech companies.


Laela Sturdy’s leadership at CapitalG has brought a fresh perspective to the world of tech investing. With a focus on team development, strategic partnerships, and leveraging the resources of Alphabet, Sturdy has positioned CapitalG as a key player in the growth-stage investment landscape. Through a combination of financial expertise and technical know-how, CapitalG is poised to support and scale up the next generation of tech companies, with AI playing a crucial role in their success.

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