“Pull the Trigger: Dave Ramsey Urges Americans to Invest Today, Predicts Record Year in 2024”

Money personality Dave Ramsey advises against delaying investments until after the U.S. Presidential election, citing the potential for record-breaking gains in 2024.

In a year filled with political, economic, and social uncertainty, many Americans may be hesitant to make any personal financial moves until after the U.S. Presidential election in November. However, renowned money personality Dave Ramsey strongly disagrees with this approach. In a recent feature on The Ramsey Show, Ramsey emphasized the importance of investing now and predicted that 2024 could be a record year for stocks. In this article, we explore Ramsey’s perspective on investing and how he suggests Americans should navigate the current financial landscape.

Double-Digit Gains for the S&P 500?

Ramsey is a firm believer in investing in low-cost S&P 500 index funds, allowing money to compound and grow. The S&P 500, a reliable measure of the U.S. stock market, experienced an impressive 26.06% annual return in 2023 and has continued to approach record highs in 2024. According to Ned Davis Research (NDR), years in which the S&P 500 reaches record highs typically coincide with a median annual gain of around 15%. Ramsey stresses the importance of taking advantage of these opportunities and highlights the statistical correlation between new market records and strong returns. He encourages investors to review historical data and trend lines to gain a better understanding of the potential for stable returns.

Stop Trying to Time the Market

Ramsey advises against attempting to time the market, as it often leads to unfavorable outcomes for retail investors. The stock market is complex and influenced by numerous variables such as economic growth, interest rates, political events, and more. Emotional reactions to short-term fluctuations can have a significant impact on investment portfolios. Ramsey promotes a buy-and-hold strategy, urging investors to expect fluctuations and ride out market volatility. He emphasizes that investing in mutual funds now, rather than waiting for the perfect moment, is the key to long-term success.

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The Same Goes for Real Estate

Ramsey’s investment advice extends beyond traditional stocks and bonds to include real estate. He believes that waiting to invest in real estate is a mistake, citing the current shortage of housing as a driving factor for sustained high prices. The limited housing supply in the U.S. has failed to keep up with population growth and demand, leading to artificially inflated prices. Ramsey asserts that waiting for prices to drop is a futile strategy, as he predicts that housing prices will continue to rise. He advises potential buyers and investors not to miss out on the opportunity to invest in real estate now.


Dave Ramsey’s advice to invest now, rather than waiting until after the U.S. Presidential election, offers a compelling perspective for Americans navigating the current financial landscape. His belief in the potential for record-breaking gains in 2024 and the importance of avoiding attempts to time the market resonate with investors seeking long-term success. By emphasizing the benefits of investing in low-cost index funds and real estate, Ramsey provides a roadmap for individuals to make informed financial decisions. As always, it is essential for investors to conduct thorough research, consider their personal financial goals, and consult with a financial advisor to ensure their investment strategy aligns with their individual circumstances.