Wissahickon Store Strikes Lottery Gold, Customers Rejoice

Commissary Food Market in Wissahickon becomes a hotspot for lottery winners, attracting hopeful players from far and wide.

In the bustling neighborhood of Wissahickon, Philadelphia, there is a convenience store that appears to possess an uncanny streak of luck when it comes to the lottery. The Commissary Food Market, located on Ridge Avenue, has become a magnet for lottery enthusiasts seeking their fortune. Over the past 13 months, the store has sold three top-prize-winning Pennsylvania lottery tickets, amounting to an astounding $2.7 million. The store’s patrons are convinced that there is something special about this humble establishment, attributing its success to both the fortunate circumstances and the positive energy exuded by its owner, Shital Patel.

A Winning Streak Unveiled

The Commissary Food Market has become synonymous with winning, as it has repeatedly sold tickets that have yielded life-changing sums of money. On February 18, 2023, luck struck when a customer purchased a scratch-off ticket worth a staggering $1.4 million. The winning streak continued on January 23, 2024, when Patel sold a monopoly fast-play ticket that rewarded its owner with over $259,000. The most recent triumph occurred just days ago, as another loyal customer hit the jackpot, pocketing an impressive $1.1 million. The store’s reputation as a lucky charm has spread like wildfire, attracting players from all corners of the city.

The Power of Positive Energy

Regular customers of the Commissary Food Market firmly believe that the store’s remarkable luck can be attributed to the warm and positive demeanor of its owner, Shital Patel. They contend that her infectious optimism and genuine care for her customers create an environment conducive to winning. Phil Moyer, a loyal patron from Roxborough, asserts that a miserable atmosphere behind the counter would never yield such extraordinary results. He enthusiastically declares, “Yeah, [Patel’s] lucky!” Another customer, Kimberly, echoes the sentiment, stating, “There’s good karma here.”

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A Blessed Perspective

Interestingly, Shital Patel herself has never played the lottery, yet she considers the store’s winning streak to be a blessing. She humbly acknowledges that she cannot explain the store’s good fortune but believes it may be a divine gift. Patel expresses her gratitude for the opportunity to witness her customers’ lives being transformed and considers it a privilege to be a part of their joyous moments. Her genuine happiness for their success further solidifies the belief that the Commissary Food Market is indeed a lucky haven.


The Commissary Food Market in Wissahickon has become a beacon of hope and excitement for lottery players in Philadelphia. With three top-prize-winning tickets sold in just over a year, totaling an impressive $2.7 million, the store has cemented its reputation as a lucky charm. The positive energy exuded by owner Shital Patel, coupled with the unwavering support of her loyal customers, has created an environment that seems to defy the odds. Whether it is a stroke of luck or a divine blessing, the Commissary Food Market continues to bring joy and dreams come true to those who dare to try their luck.