Former Mar-a-Lago Employee Speaks Out on Trump’s Handling of Classified Documents

Brian Butler, a key witness in the investigation into former President Donald Trump’s handling of classified documents, breaks his silence to shed light on the case and share his perspective.

Brian Butler, a longtime employee of Mar-a-Lago, has decided to speak publicly about his role in the investigation into former President Donald Trump’s handling of classified documents. Referred to as “Trump Employee 5” in the indictment, Butler believes that it is important for voters to hear the truth about his former boss and the case before the November election. In an exclusive interview with CNN, Butler reveals his experiences and insights, challenging Trump’s claims that the criminal case is a “witch hunt.”

Unknowingly Assisting in the Transfer of Classified Information

Butler recounts how he unknowingly helped Trump’s personal aide, Walt Nauta, deliver boxes of classified information from Mar-a-Lago to the former president’s plane in June 2022. On the same day, Trump and his attorney were meeting with the Justice Department at Mar-a-Lago regarding the classified documents. Butler received a strange request from Nauta to borrow a car from the car service he ran for Mar-a-Lago. Unaware of the contents of the boxes, Butler helped load them onto the plane, along with the luggage. This incident played a crucial role in the criminal obstruction charges against Trump and his co-defendants.

The Growing Restlessness to Speak Out

Butler, who had been employed at Mar-a-Lago for 20 years, decided to go public about his role in the obstruction case after carefully following the developments in the criminal investigation. He wanted to share the truth with those who may doubt the facts of the case. Butler’s decision to speak out sets him apart from his former colleagues and friends, as he pays for his own attorney and breaks away from the orbit around Trump.

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Witnessing Conversations of Obstruction

Butler was also a witness to conversations that allegedly captured how Trump and his closest aide, Nauta, were attempting to obstruct federal authorities. De Oliveira, a property manager at Mar-a-Lago and Butler’s closest friend until recently, informed Butler about Nauta’s secret trip to Palm Beach in late June 2022. Nauta and De Oliveira were allegedly interested in deleting surveillance tapes of a storage room where the boxes had been kept at the club. Butler’s presence during these conversations provides valuable insight into the actions taken to hinder the investigation.

A Close-Knit Friendship and its Disintegration

Butler and De Oliveira had been close friends for a decade, working together at Mar-a-Lago. Their relationship changed when De Oliveira became a target of the criminal investigation. Despite their friendship, Butler and De Oliveira took different approaches when approached by the FBI. De Oliveira has been charged with lying to federal investigators, while Butler has been cooperating fully. The strain caused by the investigation has led to the disintegration of their friendship.

The Mar-a-Lago Environment and Butler’s Departure

Butler’s disillusionment with the club grew during Trump’s presidency, as he witnessed the club becoming more transactional. He decided to quit his job at Mar-a-Lago in November 2022, as he felt it was a no-win situation for him. The intensifying FBI investigation and Trump’s apparent disregard for national security were factors that contributed to his departure. Butler believes that Trump’s actions have not only divided the country but also divided communities, including his own relationship with De Oliveira.


Brian Butler’s decision to speak out provides a unique perspective on the investigation into Trump’s handling of classified documents. As a key witness, Butler sheds light on crucial moments and conversations that took place at Mar-a-Lago, revealing the efforts made to obstruct the investigation. His experiences highlight the impact that Trump’s presidency had on his own life and relationships. Butler’s decision to share his truth serves as a reminder of the importance of holding leaders accountable and seeking the truth, even in the face of personal consequences.

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