BoxLunch to Open New Store in Rochester’s Apache Mall

BoxLunch to Open New Store in Rochester's Apache Mall

California-based retailer BoxLunch expands its presence in Minnesota with a new store in Rochester’s Apache Mall, offering a wide range of licensed pop culture merchandise and promoting philanthropy.

BoxLunch, a popular pop culture retailer, is set to open a new store in Rochester’s Apache Mall. Known for its diverse selection of licensed merchandise, including clothing, jewelry, and gifts, BoxLunch has gained a reputation for its unique combination of fandom and philanthropy. With a commitment to giving back, the retailer has partnered with Feeding America and local food banks to donate meals to those in need. This expansion marks the fourth BoxLunch store in Minnesota, showcasing the brand’s growing presence in the state.

A Unique Retailer with a Pop Culture Twist

BoxLunch, despite its name, does not serve food. Instead, it offers a wide variety of licensed pop culture merchandise, catering to fans of franchises like Star Wars, Marvel, Disney, and more. From Mandalorian hats to Loki shirts and Disney villains handbags, the store provides a haven for pop culture enthusiasts seeking unique and collectible items. One of the highlights of BoxLunch’s offerings is its extensive collection of Funko Pop figures, a popular line of vinyl collectibles.

A Connection to Hot Topic and a Socially Conscious Approach

BoxLunch’s similarities to Hot Topic, another well-known pop culture retailer, are not coincidental. In fact, Hot Topic created and launched BoxLunch in 2015. While the two brands offer different product lines, BoxLunch sets itself apart with its socially conscious and civic-minded approach. The retailer has made philanthropy a core part of its mission, partnering with Feeding America and local food banks to combat hunger. For every $10 spent at BoxLunch, the company donates one meal to those in need. Since its inception, BoxLunch has proudly contributed an estimated 175 million meals to individuals and families facing food insecurity.

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Expanding Presence in Minnesota

The decision to open a BoxLunch store in Rochester’s Apache Mall reflects the brand’s commitment to expanding its presence in Minnesota. With existing locations in the Mall of America, Duluth, and Minnetonka, BoxLunch has already captured the attention of pop culture enthusiasts throughout the state. By opening a new store in Rochester, the retailer aims to cater to the growing demand for licensed merchandise and provide a unique shopping experience for residents and visitors alike.

Conclusion: BoxLunch’s upcoming store opening in Rochester’s Apache Mall signifies the brand’s continued growth and success in the pop culture retail industry. Offering a wide range of licensed merchandise and collectibles, BoxLunch appeals to fans of various franchises. However, what sets the retailer apart is its commitment to philanthropy. Through partnerships with Feeding America and local food banks, BoxLunch ensures that every purchase contributes to providing meals for those in need. As the fourth BoxLunch store in Minnesota, the new Rochester location will undoubtedly attract pop culture enthusiasts and socially conscious shoppers, offering a one-of-a-kind retail experience.