Brooklyn Pop: Immersive Exhibit Celebrates the Cultural Legacy of Kings County

Bay Ridge artist and musician, Michael McLeer, unveils Brooklyn Pop, an immersive exhibit at Industry City, paying homage to the vibrant art, film, sports, and music scenes that have made Brooklyn a global cultural hub.

Brooklyn, known for its rich cultural heritage, is set to be celebrated in a new immersive exhibit called Brooklyn Pop, curated by artist and musician Michael McLeer. The exhibit, located at Industry City in Sunset Park, aims to showcase the diverse and influential contributions of Brooklyn’s art, film, sports, and music scenes. Through a combination of artifacts, recreated sets, and interactive displays, Brooklyn Pop promises to be an immersive experience that tells the story of Brooklyn’s cultural pioneers and their impact on the borough’s global reputation.

Brooklyn’s Cultural Legacy:

Growing up on 92nd Street in Bay Ridge, Michael McLeer, also known as Mr. Kaves, witnessed firsthand the vibrant creativity that permeated Brooklyn. As a member of the rock-hip-hop crossover group Lordz of Brooklyn, McLeer had the opportunity to travel the world and discovered that Brooklyn’s culture had left an indelible mark on the global stage. Brooklyn Pop aims to pay homage to the borough’s cultural pioneers and showcase the influence of Brooklyn’s art, film, sports, and music scenes.

An Immersive History Lesson:

Brooklyn Pop seeks to provide visitors with an immersive history lesson on the borough’s cultural legacy. The exhibit will feature an art gallery with artifacts, quick facts, and recreated sets from iconic Brooklyn-based films and television shows. Additionally, McLeer plans to host frequent musical events in a dedicated concert space. The exhibit will range from singular pieces to interactive exposés, exploring the impact of individuals like Spike Lee, historical movements, iconic locations such as Coney Island, and cultural eras from disco to modern-day hip-hop.

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Preserving Brooklyn’s Legacy:

For McLeer, Brooklyn Pop is not just an exhibit but a love letter to his home borough. Last year, he painted a mural on 86th Street in Bay Ridge, showcasing figures with ties to the neighborhood. Inspired by the community’s response to the artwork, McLeer felt it was the perfect time to create a museum that preserves Brooklyn’s legacy and folklore. Brooklyn Pop aims to be the culmination of McLeer’s career, celebrating the borough that inspired, influenced, and raised him.


Brooklyn Pop, the upcoming immersive exhibit at Industry City, is set to captivate visitors with its celebration of Brooklyn’s cultural legacy. Through a combination of artifacts, recreated sets, and interactive displays, the exhibit will provide a comprehensive exploration of the borough’s art, film, sports, and music scenes. Michael McLeer’s vision for Brooklyn Pop is not only to showcase the influence of Brooklyn’s cultural pioneers but also to preserve the borough’s rich heritage for future generations. As the exhibit prepares to open its doors this spring, visitors can look forward to experiencing the vibrant spirit of Brooklyn in a whole new way.