Hometown Card Show in Kalamazoo Unites Card Enthusiasts for a Day of Trading

Hometown Card Show in Kalamazoo Unites Card Enthusiasts for a Day of Trading

Pop culture memorabilia takes center stage as attendees explore a variety of collectibles at the K-Wings Event Center

Card enthusiasts gathered in Kalamazoo on Saturday for the highly anticipated Hometown Card Show. From 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., the K-Wings Event Center became a hub for trading, buying, and selling various types of pop culture memorabilia. Organized by Anthony Scott Nichols, the event showcased a wide range of collectibles, including baseball cards, Pokemon, signed memorabilia, bobbleheads, and more. With an aim to expand the show’s offerings, Nichols made a deliberate effort to introduce Pokemon as a newer focal point for this year’s event.

A Growing Phenomenon: The Evolution of the Hometown Card Show

Nichols, an avid card collector himself, has been attending card shows since 2016. This year’s Hometown Card Show marked his second time organizing such an event. Compared to his previous show in September 2023, which featured 70 tables, the current show boasted an impressive increase to 92 tables. This growth is a testament to the rising popularity of card collecting and the enthusiasm of the local community.

A Treasure Trove of Collectibles: Exploring the Offerings

Attendees at the Hometown Card Show were treated to a treasure trove of collectibles. From vintage baseball cards to the latest Pokemon releases, there was something for every collector’s taste. Vendors showcased their carefully curated collections, enticing visitors with rare finds and sought-after items. The event provided an opportunity for collectors to connect with like-minded individuals, share their passion, and expand their own collections.

Door Prizes and Excitement: Adding a Dash of Fun

To further enhance the experience, the Hometown Card Show offered exciting door prizes for lucky attendees. Winners had the chance to walk away with unopened boxes of cards, pizzas from BC Pizza, grading certificates, and other enticing items. These prizes added an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to the event, ensuring that everyone left with a little something special.

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The Quest for a Coveted Card: Nichols’ Personal Pursuit

Amidst the bustling atmosphere, event organizer Anthony Scott Nichols had a personal mission of his own. He expressed his admiration for a specific sports card: “A really nice Greg Jennings [that] I don’t have,” Nichols revealed. His love for Greg Jennings, a former professional football player, fueled his ongoing quest to acquire this coveted card. The Hometown Card Show served as an opportunity for Nichols to connect with fellow collectors and potentially find the missing piece of his collection.


The Hometown Card Show in Kalamazoo brought together card enthusiasts for a day of trading, buying, and camaraderie. With a wide range of collectibles on display, attendees were able to explore and expand their own collections. The event’s growth from its previous iteration showcased the increasing popularity of card collecting in the local community. Exciting door prizes added an element of fun and anticipation, while event organizer Anthony Scott Nichols pursued his personal quest for a coveted Greg Jennings card. The Hometown Card Show exemplified the passion and camaraderie that card collecting brings to enthusiasts, leaving attendees eagerly awaiting the next installment of this beloved event.