Smoky Mountain Terror Convention Brings Horror and Pop Culture Icons to the Tri-Cities

Meadowview Convention Center in Kingsport to host a thrilling lineup of guests and events this summer

Get ready for a spine-chilling experience as the Smoky Mountain Terror convention descends upon the Tri-Cities. With a packed lineup of horror and pop culture icons, this event promises to be a thrilling weekend for fans of all things spooky. Taking place at the Meadowview Convention Center in Kingsport on June 8-9, attendees will have the opportunity to meet the cast of Lost, Twilight, American Horror Story, and many more cult classic films and shows. From paranormal investigators to Academy Award-winning makeup artists, this convention is set to deliver an unforgettable experience for horror enthusiasts.

A Star-Studded Guest Lineup

Prepare to be starstruck as the Smoky Mountain Terror convention brings together some of the biggest names in the horror and pop culture industry. Attendees will have the chance to meet the cast of beloved shows and movies such as Child’s Play, Evil Dead, and Vikings. With actors from Lost, Twilight, and American Horror Story also in attendance, fans will have the opportunity to interact with their favorite stars up close and personal. This star-studded guest lineup is sure to excite fans and create unforgettable memories.

Ghost Hunters and Ve Neill: The Masters of the Paranormal and Makeup Artistry

In addition to the impressive lineup of actors, the Smoky Mountain Terror convention will also feature the renowned paranormal investigating group, Ghost Hunters. Fans will have the chance to meet and learn from these experts in the field of paranormal activity. Academy Award-winning makeup artist Ve Neill, known for her work on Beetlejuice and Batman Returns, will also be present to share her expertise and provide insights into the world of movie makeup. With such esteemed guests, attendees can expect to be captivated by the fascinating world of the supernatural and the artistry behind the scenes.

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A Feast for the Senses: Professional Photo Ops and More

The Smoky Mountain Terror convention offers more than just a chance to meet and greet celebrities. Attendees can also take advantage of professional photo ops, allowing them to capture memories with their favorite stars. Whether it’s posing with the cast of Lost or getting a picture with Ve Neill, these photo ops provide a unique opportunity to create lasting mementos of the convention. Additionally, the event will feature a variety of local and regional vendors, offering fans the chance to explore and purchase unique horror and pop culture merchandise.

A Double Delight: Smoky Mountain Fan Fest in August

For those who can’t get enough of the convention experience, Kingsport has another treat in store. Smoky Mountain Fan Fest, taking place on August 10-11, will bring even more celebrity guests to the Tri-Cities. With appearances by Bam Margera, Ron Perlman, Billy West, Chandler Riggs, and Jim Cummings, this event promises to be a must-attend for fans of all ages. Kingsport is truly becoming a hub for convention enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of events to cater to every pop culture interest.


The Smoky Mountain Terror convention is set to thrill horror and pop culture fans alike with its impressive lineup of guests and events. From meeting beloved actors to learning from paranormal experts and makeup artists, attendees can expect an immersive and unforgettable experience. With the added bonus of professional photo ops and a variety of vendors, this convention is a must-visit for anyone with a passion for all things spooky. And with the upcoming Smoky Mountain Fan Fest in August, Kingsport is cementing its place as a premier destination for convention enthusiasts. So mark your calendars and get ready for an unforgettable weekend of horror and pop culture extravaganza in the Tri-Cities.

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