Spotify Seeks Client Partner to Drive Podcast Advertising Growth

Join Spotify’s Sales Team and Shape the Future of Audio Advertising

Spotify, the world’s leading audio streaming subscription service, is on the lookout for an exceptional Client Partner to join their Podcast Team. With a focus on revenue generation and a deep interest in podcasts and audio innovation, this role offers a unique opportunity to shape the way the world engages with audio experiences. As Spotify continues to revolutionize the music and podcasting industry, the Client Partner will play a crucial role in creating integrated sponsorship opportunities and driving the growth of podcast advertising.

Creating Compelling Sponsorship Opportunities

The Client Partner will collaborate with The Ringer and Spotify Studios content teams to develop unique and compelling integrated sponsorship opportunities for clients. With a specialization in either Sports or Pop-culture, the Client Partner will spend time with podcast hosts to understand their passion points and align them with brands that resonate. By leveraging their knowledge of the hosts and their content, the Client Partner will create strategic go-to-market plans for new shows within the Pop-culture genre, providing advertisers with innovative partnership opportunities from the very beginning.

Showcasing Integrated Ideas

A key responsibility of the Client Partner is to lead client and agency presentations, showcasing how integrated ideas come to life. By effectively communicating the value of Spotify’s podcast content and its potential to enhance business goals and outcomes, the Client Partner will inspire and educate clients on the benefits of leveraging audio experiences. This role requires strong negotiation skills and the ability to close deals, ensuring that revenue expectations attached to specific podcasts are met and exceeded.

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Collaboration and Operationalization

The Client Partner will work closely with Spotify’s frontline sales team to tailor ideas for specific verticals and clients. By partnering internally with sales support, marketing, and Spotify Studios teams, the Client Partner will ensure that their ideas are operationalized and effectively executed. This collaborative approach ensures that clients receive a seamless experience, from ideation to implementation, and maximizes the impact of Spotify’s podcast advertising solutions.

Brand Ambassadorship and Relationship Building

As a brand ambassador, the Client Partner will represent Spotify at specific events, further strengthening relationships with clients and partners. By attending weekly and monthly sales meetings, the Client Partner will showcase ideas that generate enthusiasm and drive revenue growth. Additionally, the Client Partner will manage their activity using and other internal systems, ensuring accurate tracking and reporting of sales efforts.


Spotify’s search for a Client Partner to join their Podcast Team highlights the company’s commitment to driving the growth of podcast advertising and revolutionizing the way the world listens to audio content. With a focus on creating compelling sponsorship opportunities, showcasing integrated ideas, and building strong client relationships, the Client Partner will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of audio advertising. As Spotify continues to expand its reach and influence, this position offers a unique opportunity for professionals passionate about podcasts and audio innovation to make a significant impact on the industry.