The Rise of Not Skinny but Not Fat: A Conversation with Amanda Hirsch

The Rise of Not Skinny but Not Fat: A Conversation with Amanda Hirsch

Exploring the Fascination with the Kardashians and the World of Pop Culture

In the ever-evolving landscape of pop culture, podcasts have become a powerful medium for engaging discussions and insightful conversations. One such podcast that has gained immense popularity is “Not Skinny but Not Fat,” hosted by the charismatic Amanda Hirsch. Recently, Amanda sat down with reality TV stars Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag to delve into her beginnings, her love for the Kardashians, and their predictions for the world of pop culture.

The Journey of Amanda Hirsch

Amanda Hirsch, the host of “Not Skinny but Not Fat,” has captivated audiences with her unfiltered and humorous take on all things pop culture. In a candid conversation with Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, Amanda shared her journey into the world of podcasting. From her early days as a blogger to her decision to launch her own podcast, Amanda’s passion for entertainment and celebrity gossip shines through in every episode.

The Kardashian Connection

One of the defining aspects of “Not Skinny but Not Fat” is Amanda’s unabashed love for the Kardashians. During the interview, Amanda opened up about her fascination with the famous family and the reasons behind her unwavering support. From their business acumen to their impact on popular culture, Amanda highlighted the Kardashians’ ability to captivate audiences and maintain their relevance in an ever-changing industry.

Ryan Reynolds and the Celebrity Connection

As the conversation continued, Spencer and Heidi, known for their own reality TV stardom, shared their own experiences in the world of celebrity. The trio discussed the dynamics of social media and the impact it has on celebrity culture. They even pondered whether Ryan Reynolds, the beloved actor, follows Spencer on social media, showcasing the interconnectedness of fame and social platforms.

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Predicting the Future Stars

Looking ahead, the trio engaged in a lively discussion about the future of pop culture. They speculated on who would be the biggest star in 2024, considering emerging talents and current rising stars. From musicians to actors, the conversation explored the ever-changing landscape of fame and the unpredictable nature of the industry.

Dating Predictions and Wild Celebrity Prognostications

In a lighter moment of the conversation, Amanda, Spencer, and Heidi shared their dating predictions for the coming year. From celebrity breakups to unexpected romances, the trio offered their insights into the tumultuous world of love and relationships in the public eye. Additionally, they indulged in one wild celebrity prediction, sparking intrigue and speculation among their listeners.


The conversation between Amanda Hirsch, Spencer Pratt, and Heidi Montag on “Not Skinny but Not Fat” provided a captivating glimpse into the world of pop culture and the fascination that surrounds it. From Amanda’s journey into podcasting to her unwavering love for the Kardashians, the trio explored various aspects of celebrity culture, social media dynamics, and their predictions for the future. As the podcast continues to gain popularity, Amanda’s unique perspective and engaging discussions offer a refreshing take on the ever-evolving world of entertainment.