Russia’s “Invisibility Cloaks”: New Camouflage Technology Raises Questions

Russia’s deployment of new camouflage technology, nicknamed “invisibility cloaks,” has sparked interest and concern among military experts.

Russia has recently developed and deployed new camouflage technology for its troops, which has been dubbed “invisibility cloaks” by many. This cutting-edge technology is part of the Russian military doctrine of “maskirovka,” which aims to deceive and mislead adversaries about the presence, position, and size of troops. While the concept of camouflage is not new, Russia’s new “cloak-nevidimka” takes it to another level. The technology has raised questions about the intentions and capabilities of the Russian military.

The Concept of Maskirovka and the Importance of Perception

The concept of “maskirovka” has been a fundamental principle of the Russian military doctrine for decades. It involves controlling and manipulating the adversary’s perception of what is happening on the battlefield. By misguiding the enemy about troop movements, attack timings, and military hardware, Russia aims to gain an advantage in warfare. The Russians invest significant resources in executing “maskirovka” activities, prioritizing the manipulation of perception over other military needs.

The Development of “Invisibility Cloaks”

Russian company HiderX has been at the forefront of developing the new camouflage technology. The company recently revealed that the camouflage suit, weighing only 350 grams, can be folded up and easily carried in a pocket. The technology works by concealing the heat signature of Russian soldiers, making them virtually invisible to hostile heat-seeking devices. The suit utilizes a unique coating on the fabric, which screens the surrounding temperature of objects and effectively camouflages the soldiers.

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Trials and Field Testing

According to HiderX, ongoing trials of the “invisibility cloaks” are expected to be completed by the end of January. The company claims that the current technology used by Russian troops to “isolate heat” has proven ineffective. Their new technology focuses on the natural heat exchange that occurs as the fabric breathes. Strategic military intelligence analyst Rebekah Koffler revealed that the trials included battlefield testing in Ukraine. The full suit, which includes a hood, cap, and special glasses, provides effective cover even at close distances.

The Science Behind the Technology

The “invisibility cloak” consists of three layers: an internal layer that reflects infrared radiation from the user’s body, a middle layer that absorbs infrared radiation, and an external layer that reflects infrared radiation from the environment. The technology was developed at the RKhBZ Academy, which specializes in Radiological Chemical Biological Defense. While the details of the technology remain undisclosed, it is evident that Russia has made significant advancements in the field of camouflage.


Russia’s development and deployment of “invisibility cloaks” raise questions about the future of warfare and the potential implications for global security. The concept of “maskirovka” and the investment of resources in manipulating perception highlight Russia’s strategic approach to military operations. As technology continues to evolve, it is crucial for other nations to stay vigilant and adapt their defense strategies accordingly. The “invisibility cloaks” serve as a reminder that the battlefield is constantly evolving, and innovative approaches to warfare must be considered.