North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Threatens Annihilation of US and South Korea

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Threatens Annihilation of US and South Korea

Kim Jong Un orders military to prepare for confrontation as he vows to boost national defense

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has issued a chilling warning to the United States and South Korea, ordering his military to “thoroughly annihilate” them if provoked. This comes as Kim seeks to bolster his country’s national defense in response to what he calls an unprecedented U.S.-led confrontation. With the U.S. presidential election approaching, experts believe Kim may ramp up weapons tests in an attempt to gain leverage in future diplomacy.

Kim’s Plans for Military Expansion

During a recent five-day major ruling party meeting, Kim announced his plans to launch three more military spy satellites, produce additional nuclear materials, and develop attack drones in the coming year. These efforts are seen as a strategic move to strengthen North Korea’s bargaining power in future negotiations with the United States. By expanding its nuclear arsenal, Kim hopes to secure concessions if former President Donald Trump is reelected.

Urgency to Safeguard National Security

In a meeting with commanding army officers, Kim emphasized the need to sharpen “the treasured sword” to protect national security, referring to North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. He cited the “military confrontation moves” of the United States and other hostile forces as the reason for this urgency. Kim urged the army to be prepared to deal a deadly blow without hesitation if faced with military confrontation or provocations.

South Korea’s Response

South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol, in his New Year’s Day address, vowed to strengthen the country’s military capabilities in response to the North Korean nuclear threat. Yoon stated that South Korea is building lasting peace through strength, rather than relying on the goodwill of its adversaries. The president emphasized the importance of preemptive strikes, missile defense, and retaliatory measures to ensure the country’s security.

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Tensions Between North and South Korea

Kim Jong Un’s party meeting included derogatory remarks about South Korea, referring to it as a “hemiplegic malformation and colonial subordinate state” tainted by Yankee culture. Kim stressed that his military must be prepared to use all available means, including nuclear weapons, to suppress South Korea in the event of a conflict. In response, South Korea’s Defense Ministry warned that any attempt by North Korea to use nuclear weapons would result in overwhelming punishment from South Korean and U.S. forces, potentially leading to the downfall of the Kim government.

Potential for Military Clashes and Weapons Tests

Experts predict that small-scale military clashes between North and South Korea could occur along their heavily armed border this year. Furthermore, North Korea is expected to conduct test-launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of reaching the mainland United States. Since 2022, North Korea has conducted over 100 missile tests, leading to increased joint military drills by the U.S. and South Korea. Efforts to strengthen relationships with China and Russia have also been observed, potentially aiding North Korea in its military programs.


As tensions escalate between North Korea, the United States, and South Korea, Kim Jong Un’s threats of annihilation and his plans to expand the country’s military capabilities raise concerns about the potential for further conflict. The international community closely watches the actions of North Korea, as its nuclear arsenal and missile tests pose a significant threat to regional and global security. The coming year will be crucial in determining the future of diplomatic relations and stability in the Korean Peninsula.

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