Sailor Arrives in Hawaii a Day After US Coast Guard Seeks Public’s Help Finding Him

Noel Rubio safely completes his journey from California to Hawaii, after a search by the US Coast Guard

A 60-year-old sailor, Noel Rubio, has successfully arrived in Hawaii over the weekend, a day after the US Coast Guard issued a public appeal for assistance in locating him. Rubio embarked on his journey from Long Beach, California, on December 28, with the intention of reaching Kaneohe on the island of Oahu three weeks later. However, after losing contact on the day of his departure, concerns for his safety grew. Despite an extensive search effort by the Coast Guard, Rubio managed to complete his voyage unharmed.

A Journey Across the Pacific

Rubio’s ambitious voyage involved sailing his 32-foot sailboat, named Malulani, from California to Hawaii. With a distance of approximately 2,400 nautical miles between the two points, the journey posed significant challenges. Rubio’s decision to undertake this adventure alone showcased his determination and love for sailing.

The Disappearance and the Coast Guard’s Search

After departing from Long Beach, Rubio last made contact via cellphone south of Catalina Island in California. However, as the days went by without any further communication, concerns grew for his safety. On Friday, the US Coast Guard initiated a search operation, scouring harbors in California, Hawaii, and Mexico. Urgent marine information broadcasts were sent out, urging anyone with information to come forward. Despite their efforts, Rubio remained untraceable.

A Sailor’s Resilience

Rubio’s resilience and resourcefulness played a vital role in his safe arrival in Hawaii. His only means of communication on board the Malulani was a VHF-FM marine band radio. With this limited form of contact, he navigated the vast Pacific Ocean, relying on his sailing skills and experience. Rubio’s ability to adapt to challenging situations and his unwavering determination were instrumental in his successful completion of the journey.

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The Importance of Safety Measures

Rubio’s solo journey highlights the importance of safety measures for sailors embarking on long-distance voyages. While it is not uncommon for sailors to venture out alone, it is crucial to have reliable means of communication and to inform authorities of the intended route and estimated time of arrival. This ensures that search and rescue efforts can be initiated promptly in case of an emergency.

Lessons Learned from Rubio’s Journey

Noel Rubio’s successful arrival in Hawaii serves as a reminder of the resilience and determination of sailors. It also highlights the importance of proper planning, communication, and adherence to safety protocols. Rubio’s story is a testament to the human spirit and the indomitable will to overcome challenges.


Noel Rubio’s arrival in Hawaii, a day after the US Coast Guard sought the public’s help in finding him, marks the end of a journey that tested his skills and resilience. His safe arrival highlights the importance of proper planning, communication, and adherence to safety measures for sailors embarking on long-distance voyages. Rubio’s story serves as an inspiration to all those who dare to follow their dreams and overcome obstacles along the way.