Weather Pattern Shift to Bring Relief from Brutal Cold Across the US

Weather Pattern Shift to Bring Relief from Brutal Cold Across the US

Unseasonably mild conditions expected as frigid temperatures give way to above-average warmth

After enduring a week of bone-chilling cold, the continental US is about to experience a dramatic weather pattern change that will bring relief from the brutal winter conditions. The recent cold snap has shattered temperature records, caused wind chills to plummet below minus 40 degrees, and even made the Iowa caucuses the coldest ever held. However, next week will see a reversal of fortunes as unseasonably mild conditions sweep across the mainland US, replacing the frigid cold with a taste of spring.

The Jet Stream’s Role in the Cold Snap

The ongoing cold pattern has been influenced by the position of the jet stream, a high-altitude river of air that separates warm and cold air masses. In recent weeks, the jet stream has been situated across the southern tier of the US, allowing bursts of frigid Arctic air to plunge southward. However, a significant shift in the upper-level weather pattern will cause the jet stream to shift northward, trapping the cold air in Canada and allowing warm air from the tropics to surge northward into the US.

Warming Trend Begins

The warming trend is set to begin as early as Sunday, starting in parts of the West and north-central US. Milder conditions will gradually expand across the country early next week. Chicago, which has been experiencing freezing temperatures, could finally rise above the 32-degree mark on Monday. This will mark the first time in several days that the city’s temperatures have surpassed freezing.

Drastic Temperature Changes

The most significant temperature changes will occur by midweek in the central and eastern US. Parts of the Plains and Midwest, which experienced temperatures 30 to 40 degrees below average, will see a remarkable shift to temperatures 10 to 20 degrees above average. Cities like Des Moines and Minneapolis will undergo 40 to 50-degree temperature swings, transitioning from this week’s bitter cold to next week’s unseasonable warmth. Des Moines, for example, failed to reach temperatures above minus 7 degrees on Sunday but is expected to reach the upper 30s by next Wednesday.

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Above-Average Warmth Across the Country

The above-average warmth will extend farther east, with cities like Indianapolis, Cleveland, Philadelphia, and New York City experiencing highs in the 40s by midweek. This unseasonable warmth is expected to persist through the end of January across much of the country, according to the Climate Prediction Center.

Conclusion: As the US bids farewell to the frigid temperatures that have plagued the nation in recent weeks, a significant weather pattern change is set to bring relief in the form of unseasonably mild conditions. The shift in the jet stream will trap the cold air in Canada while allowing warm air from the tropics to surge northward. This will result in a dramatic reversal of temperatures, with parts of the country experiencing temperature swings of up to 50 degrees. While the cold snap has broken records and caused widespread discomfort, the forthcoming warmth offers a much-needed respite and a taste of spring in the midst of winter.