Empowering Cacao Farmers: Dimitra’s Connected Cacao App Revolutionizes Supply Chains with Blockchain and AI

Dimitra’s innovative Connected Cacao app utilizes blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to empower cacao farmers, streamline operations, and enhance traceability in the global chocolate supply chain.

Chocolate is a beloved treat enjoyed by millions around the world. However, the farmers who grow the cacao beans face numerous challenges, including poverty and limited access to fair markets. AgTech company Dimitra has developed the Connected Cacao app, which leverages blockchain technology and AI to provide cacao farmers with a centralized platform to manage their farming operations and improve traceability throughout the supply chain. This groundbreaking solution aims to uplift farmers, increase productivity, and promote sustainability in the cacao industry.

Empowering Farmers with Blockchain-powered AgTech

Cacao farmers often struggle to find fair prices for their crops due to a lack of direct market access. They rely on intermediaries, resulting in lower incomes. Dimitra’s Connected Cacao app aims to address this issue by providing farmers with a powerful tool to manage their production processes. By utilizing blockchain, AI, and machine learning, the app enables farmers to optimize resource allocation, reduce waste, and increase productivity. The platform also offers a traceability feature that generates tamper-proof records, instilling confidence in buyers and opening doors to premium markets and fair pricing.

Combating Deforestation and Promoting Sustainability

In addition to the challenges of fair pricing, cacao farmers now face strict environmental standards, such as the EU’s deforestation-free regulation. Dimitra’s Connected Cacao app seamlessly integrates with the company’s Deforestation Compliance Module, allowing farmers to easily track and document their land-use practices. This digital record serves as evidence of compliance, ensuring that cacao producers can meet the EU’s requirements and continue exporting to European markets. The platform’s analytics tools also enable farmers to track their performance and make informed decisions about their operations. The app further promotes sustainability by providing educational materials on cacao farming, pest management, and market trends, encouraging farmers to adopt sustainable practices.

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Transforming the Cacao Industry in Latin America

Dimitra has partnered with organizations such as the Peruvian Association of Cocoa Producers (APPCACAO), Helvetas, and ABRAFRUTAS to bring the Connected Cacao app to farmers in Latin America. These collaborations aim to strengthen the cacao industry by empowering farmers with the necessary tools and knowledge to improve efficiency, traceability, and sustainability. Cooperatives and organizations in Latin America, including Helvetas, CEPROAA, and APROCAM, are already utilizing the app to enhance the livelihoods of their members and promote sustainable cacao production.

Dimitra’s Commitment to Global Impact

Dimitra is continuously innovating its products to meet the specific needs of farmers worldwide. The company collaborates with governments, NGOs, and farmer collectives to reach thousands of smallholder farmers across the globe. By identifying opportunities where technologies like blockchain and AI can make a difference, Dimitra strives to create a positive impact on the lives of farmers and transform the agricultural sector.


Dimitra’s Connected Cacao app represents a significant step forward in empowering cacao farmers and revolutionizing the global chocolate supply chain. By leveraging blockchain technology and AI, the app streamlines farming operations, enhances traceability, and promotes sustainability. Through partnerships with organizations in Latin America and beyond, Dimitra is driving positive change in the cacao industry, ensuring fair prices for farmers, and enabling consumers to enjoy chocolate with confidence in its ethical and sustainable origins. With the Connected Cacao app, the future looks brighter for cacao farmers and the entire chocolate industry.