The Rise of North Broad: Transforming Philadelphia’s Urban Landscape

How Sharliman Thomas and Malik Majeed are revitalizing North Broad Street

Philadelphia, known for its rich history and vibrant culture, is undergoing a transformation thanks to the efforts of two visionary leaders. Sharliman Thomas, the Executive Director of North Broad, and Malik Majeed, the CEO of PRWT Services Inc., have joined forces to revitalize North Broad Street, making it a hub of economic growth and community development. Their collaborative efforts are reshaping the urban landscape of Philadelphia, bringing new opportunities and hope to the city.

1: The History of North Broad Street

North Broad Street, once a bustling commercial corridor, fell into decline in the latter half of the 20th century. Neglected buildings, vacant lots, and a lack of investment plagued the area, leading to a decline in businesses and a sense of desolation. However, the historical significance and potential of North Broad Street did not go unnoticed by Thomas and Majeed.

2: The Vision for North Broad

Thomas and Majeed recognized the untapped potential of North Broad Street and envisioned a revitalized corridor that would attract businesses, residents, and visitors alike. Their vision encompassed a vibrant mix of commercial spaces, residential developments, and cultural institutions that would breathe new life into the area. With this vision in mind, they embarked on a mission to transform North Broad Street into a thriving community hub.

3: Economic Development Initiatives

To kickstart economic development along North Broad Street, Thomas and Majeed implemented various initiatives. They worked closely with local government officials, business owners, and community leaders to secure funding for infrastructure improvements, including street beautification, lighting enhancements, and sidewalk renovations. These enhancements not only improved the aesthetics of the area but also made it more accessible and inviting for businesses and pedestrians.

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4: Attracting Businesses and Investors

Thomas and Majeed understood that attracting businesses and investors was crucial to the success of their revitalization efforts. They actively sought out partnerships with local entrepreneurs and developers, offering incentives such as tax breaks and grants to encourage them to set up shop along North Broad Street. Their efforts paid off, as a wave of new businesses, including restaurants, retail stores, and tech startups, began to populate the area, bringing with them much-needed jobs and economic growth.

5: Community Engagement and Empowerment

Thomas and Majeed placed great importance on community engagement and empowerment. They organized town hall meetings, community forums, and workshops to gather input from residents and ensure that their voices were heard throughout the revitalization process. They also prioritized the inclusion of minority-owned businesses and residents, providing resources and support to help them thrive in the changing landscape of North Broad Street.


The transformation of North Broad Street under the leadership of Sharliman Thomas and Malik Majeed is a testament to the power of vision, collaboration, and community engagement. Through their efforts, the once-neglected corridor has become a symbol of hope and opportunity for the people of Philadelphia. As North Broad continues to evolve, it serves as a shining example of urban revitalization, inspiring other cities to reimagine their own neglected areas. With Thomas and Majeed at the helm, the future of North Broad Street looks brighter than ever.