Franklin Templeton CEO Jenny Johnson Discusses Blockchain’s Role in Democratizing Markets

Franklin Templeton CEO Jenny Johnson Discusses Blockchain's Role in Democratizing Markets

In an exclusive interview, Jenny Johnson, CEO of Franklin Templeton, shares insights on the firm’s exploration of blockchain technology and its potential to revolutionize the financial industry.

At the Fortune Global Forum in Abu Dhabi, Jenny Johnson, the president and CEO of Franklin Templeton, sat down to discuss the firm’s foray into blockchain technology and its long-term strategy. Franklin Templeton, a global investment management company with over $1.3 trillion in assets under management, has been at the forefront of embracing blockchain. Johnson sheds light on the firm’s recent filing for a Bitcoin ETF, the potential of blockchain to democratize markets, and the role it will play in the firm’s future success.

Blockchain’s Role in Franklin Templeton’s Long-Term Strategy:

Johnson emphasizes the distinction between Bitcoin and blockchain, stating that while there is a demand for Bitcoin, blockchain technology holds the key to unlocking new opportunities in the financial industry. By reducing transactional friction and enabling immediate settlement, blockchain has the potential to democratize private markets and make existing products more efficient. Johnson highlights the development of a tokenized money-market fund and Franklin Templeton’s role as a node validator, demonstrating the firm’s belief in the transformative power of blockchain.

The Timeline for Bitcoin ETF Approval:

When asked about the timeline for the approval of a Bitcoin spot ETF, Johnson defers to the regulators, who are focused on consumer protection. While she does not provide a specific timeframe, Johnson expresses confidence that regulators will approve a Bitcoin spot ETF when they deem it appropriate.

Client Interest in a Bitcoin Spot ETF:

Johnson acknowledges the demand for Bitcoin and asserts that a spot ETF would provide a more convenient and accessible way for investors to gain exposure to the cryptocurrency. However, she also highlights the challenges associated with Bitcoin’s volatility and advises clients to approach its allocation responsibly.

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Johnson’s Personal Journey into Blockchain and Crypto:

Having previously led the technology division at Franklin Templeton, Johnson has always been attuned to emerging technological trends. She initially believed that blockchain would take longer to mature but has been impressed by the rapid progress and innovation in the space. Johnson discloses that she personally holds investments in cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, SushiSwap, and Uniswap.

Future Blockchain and Crypto-Related Products:

While Johnson does not provide specific details, she acknowledges the potential for Franklin Templeton to launch additional blockchain- or crypto-related products in the future. However, she notes that retirement plans, which rely on fiduciaries to make investment decisions, may not be conducive to ETFs.

Tokenization of Funds and Investment Opportunities:

Johnson recognizes the immense potential of tokenization as a vehicle for delivering Franklin Templeton’s expertise in active, risk-adjusted investment decisions. As the technology matures, Johnson envisions more investment opportunities arising from the integration of blockchain.

NFTs and Their Use Cases:

On the topic of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Johnson takes a pragmatic approach, distinguishing between mature investments and those that lack financial returns. While acknowledging the opportunities in the NFT space, particularly in the art sector, she advises caution and highlights the importance of investments grounded in financial fundamentals.


Jenny Johnson’s insights shed light on Franklin Templeton’s proactive exploration of blockchain technology and its potential to reshape the financial industry. With a focus on democratizing markets, increasing efficiency, and embracing new investment opportunities, Franklin Templeton is positioning itself at the forefront of the blockchain revolution. As regulators navigate the path to approving a Bitcoin spot ETF, Franklin Templeton remains committed to providing its clients with innovative and responsible investment options.

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