Remembering Peter Damian Arguello: Wheat Ridge Plans Vigil for Beloved Businessman

Remembering Peter Damian Arguello: Wheat Ridge Plans Vigil for Beloved Businessman

The community of Wheat Ridge, Colorado, comes together to honor the memory of Peter Damian Arguello, a well-loved businessman tragically killed in a suspected robbery attempt.

The city of Wheat Ridge, Colorado, is preparing to pay tribute to Peter Damian Arguello, a beloved local businessman who was tragically killed during a suspected robbery. Arguello, the owner of Peter Damian Fine Jewelry and Antiques, was known for his kindness, generosity, and unwavering support for the community. As the holiday season begins, the residents of Wheat Ridge gather along 38th Avenue to remember the man who touched so many lives.

A Pillar of Support for People and Businesses

Peter Damian Arguello was not only a successful businessman but also a pillar of support for the people and businesses around him. Known for his empathy and understanding of others, Arguello went above and beyond to help those in need. Fellow business owner Jeff Hurlburt of Clancy’s Irish Pub fondly recalls Arguello’s dedication to supporting others, stating, “Peter loved and understood people. And had an empathy for people who may be in a hard time or might need help.” Arguello’s unwavering support and genuine care for others left a lasting impact on the community.

A Somber Vigil and an Opportunity for Unity

Since the news of Arguello’s untimely death, people from all walks of life have visited his store to pay their respects. Flowers, candles, and heartfelt notes now adorn the entrance, serving as a testament to the impact Arguello had on those who knew him. Karen Kennedy, who worked at a nearby salon, describes Arguello as someone who always had a smile on his face and was willing to help anyone in need. The vigil, scheduled for Saturday evening, will provide an opportunity for the community to come together, mourn their loss, and celebrate the life of a remarkable individual.

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A Legacy of Support and Encouragement

Peter Damian Arguello’s legacy extends beyond his business endeavors. He was known for his unwavering support and encouragement of others, often going out of his way to uplift those around him. Ricky Alengi, who worked alongside Arguello selling jewelry, recalls how Arguello believed in him and encouraged him to pursue his dreams. Arguello’s support was not limited to his own business; he would proudly display Alengi’s business card in his store, showcasing his commitment to fostering a sense of community rather than competition.

The Ongoing Investigation

While the community mourns the loss of Peter Damian Arguello, local law enforcement continues to investigate the circumstances surrounding his death. Police are still searching for suspects in the shooting that occurred on Wednesday morning. On Friday, a red pickup truck sought in connection with the case was found on fire in Aurora. Wheat Ridge Police, in collaboration with South Metro fire station, are conducting a meticulous forensic investigation of the vehicle to gather evidence. The community remains hopeful that justice will be served.


As the Wheat Ridge community prepares to gather for a vigil in memory of Peter Damian Arguello, the impact of his kindness, support, and generosity resonates throughout the city. Arguello’s unwavering dedication to uplifting others and fostering a sense of unity has left an indelible mark on the community. While his tragic death has shocked and saddened many, the vigil serves as an opportunity to remember and celebrate the life of a remarkable individual. As the holiday season begins, the community of Wheat Ridge stands together, honoring the memory of Peter Damian Arguello and reflecting on the importance of compassion and support for one another.

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