Arlington’s Local Business Scene: A Look at Newly Listed Businesses for Sale

Arlington's Local Business Scene: A Look at Newly Listed Businesses for Sale

Changing economic conditions lead to the sale of local businesses, presenting opportunities for new owners to revive them.

Arlington’s local business scene is dynamic, with establishments constantly opening, closing, or changing ownership. Economic factors often drive business owners to sell, whether it be for retirement, pursuing other ventures, or passing the torch to someone who can breathe new life into their enterprise. In this installment, we explore the businesses newly listed for sale on BizBuySell, an online marketplace. While the listings keep the businesses’ names anonymous, they provide valuable insights into the diverse range of opportunities available in Arlington’s entrepreneurial landscape.

Rolled Ice Cream and Beverage Shop with a Loyal Customer Base

One of the businesses listed for sale is a rolled ice cream and beverage shop that has garnered a dedicated following through word-of-mouth recommendations. Customers are willing to travel from distances as far as 2.5 hours away to indulge in the unique experience of watching the freshly hand-rolled ice cream being made in front of them. With three concepts housed under one roof, this business offers a compelling opportunity for a new owner to tap into a thriving market.

Thriving Restaurant and Entertainment Venue

Another listing showcases a restaurant and entertainment venue that has consistently generated an impressive annual revenue of $3.7 million, with a cash flow of $625,000. With indoor seating for 276 patrons and an additional outdoor seating area for 180, the establishment boasts numerous full-service bars and over 40 TVs and projectors for sports enthusiasts. Private event spaces and live entertainment options further enhance its appeal, making it an attractive investment for those looking to enter the hospitality industry.

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Innovative Co-Working Office Space

For entrepreneurs and professionals seeking to capitalize on the growing demand for co-working spaces, a revolutionary designed co-working office space franchise is up for grabs. Located in a prime area in the greater DC region, this franchise opportunity allows for absentee ownership, making it an enticing addition to an investor’s portfolio. With just two employees, this business offers a streamlined operation that caters to the needs of modern professionals.

High-End Gift Store Catering to Affluent Customers

One of the few high-end gift stores in the affluent Northern Virginia area, this business has consistently been recognized as a top vote-getter by Arlington Magazine. Serving discerning customers in McLean, Falls Church, and North Arlington, this store offers a unique opportunity for a new owner to tap into a niche market. With a loyal customer base and potential for accelerated growth due to the “return-to-office” trend, this business presents an attractive investment prospect.

Health-Conscious Café with Locally Sourced Ingredients

A thriving café specializing in all-natural, healthy breakfast and lunch options is also on the market. Crafted from locally sourced, high-quality ingredients, their menu features gourmet toasts, refreshing smoothie bowls, robust salads, and savory sandwiches. Catering to health-conscious tastes, the café also offers an extensive range of fresh cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and coffee drinks. With the growing demand for nutritious and delicious dining options, this café presents an opportunity for a new owner to capitalize on the wellness trend.


The Arlington business landscape is ever-evolving, with new opportunities arising as established businesses go up for sale. Whether it’s a rolled ice cream and beverage shop, a thriving restaurant and entertainment venue, an innovative co-working office space, a high-end gift store, or a health-conscious café, these listings showcase the diversity and potential within Arlington’s local business scene. As aspiring entrepreneurs and investors consider their options, the chance to breathe new life into these businesses presents an exciting prospect for the future of Arlington’s economy.

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