Black-Owned Businesses You Can Support Year-Round on Amazon

Black-Owned Businesses You Can Support Year-Round on Amazon

The Importance of Supporting Black-Owned Businesses and Overcoming Historical Challenges

In today’s society, the power of the dollar is undeniable. It has the ability to create real and sustainable change, especially for minority-owned businesses that often lack access to the necessary capital. Black-owned businesses are not only significant but also have a profound impact on their communities. However, these businesses face unique challenges that hinder their growth and success. This article explores the importance of supporting black-owned businesses and highlights some of the obstacles they face. Additionally, it provides a list of black-owned businesses that can be supported year-round on Amazon.

The Melan-Air Marketplace: Empowering Black Entrepreneurs

The Melan-Air Marketplace, founded by Trivia, is a black business hub in Louisville, Kentucky. It serves as a platform for black entrepreneurs to scale their businesses, sell products, and network. Trivia understands the challenges that black-owned businesses tend to face and aims to provide them with resources and mentorship to overcome these obstacles. By supporting initiatives like the Melan-Air Marketplace, black entrepreneurs can collaborate, cultivate, and circulate the black dollar within their community.

Historical Challenges Faced by Black Business Owners

Historically, black business owners have encountered unequal challenges on their path to success. They have been denied opportunities, faced limited access to capital, and lacked prior experience in family businesses. This disparity in resources and collateral has made it difficult for black entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses. For example, Tawanda Jackson, the owner of Tawanda’s Sweet Potato Pies in Birmingham, faced delays and obstacles when applying for a small business administration grant. These challenges highlight the need for increased support and resources for black-owned businesses.

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Gift: Investing in Black-Owned Businesses

In Kansas City, the organization Gift (Generating Income for Tomorrow) is focused on saving black-owned businesses operating in low-income areas. By raising grant money through small donations from hundreds of individuals, Gift helps these businesses keep their doors open. The organization’s mission is to expand economic opportunity in the east side of Kansas City, creating jobs and fostering growth. Supporting initiatives like Gift allows individuals to contribute to the economic strength of black-owned businesses and communities.

The Impact of Supporting Black-Owned Businesses

A recent study revealed that black-owned businesses have created over a million jobs and generated more than $165 billion in revenue. When individuals support black-owned businesses, they provide them with the resources needed to grow, hire within their communities, and give back. By closing the wealth gap through entrepreneurship, these businesses play a crucial role in creating economic equality. In 2020, black entrepreneurship rose by over 50%, signaling a growing movement that demands support and recognition.

Advocacy and Representation

Advocacy and representation are vital in ensuring the success of black-owned businesses. Individuals like Sandra Robinson work tirelessly to advocate for and bring exposure to black-owned businesses. By shining a light on minority businesses, media coverage creates awareness in the community and increases their bottom line. Representation is also crucial, especially considering that 50% of children in the US are of color. Businesses like Healthy Roots Dolls and Ebony’s Son are dedicated to providing multicultural children’s products and promoting self-love and representation.


Supporting black-owned businesses goes beyond a slogan; it is an investment in people and businesses that enrich our communities in multiple ways. By supporting initiatives like the Melan-Air Marketplace and organizations like Gift, individuals can contribute to economic prosperity and help close the wealth gap. Advocacy and representation play a crucial role in creating awareness and increasing support for black-owned businesses. By actively supporting and investing in black-owned businesses, we can make a lasting difference and create a more inclusive and equitable society.

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