California Business Owner Relocates to Texas Due to High Costs and Regulations

Jeffrey VonderHaar shares his reasons for moving his medical equipment business and family from California to Texas

After nearly 14 years of running his medical equipment business in Calabasas, California, Jeffrey VonderHaar has decided to uproot his life and move to Texas. In an exclusive interview with Business Insider, VonderHaar discusses the challenges he faced as a business owner in California, including high costs, ever-changing regulations, and a deteriorating environment. He also shares his excitement about the opportunities and community he has found in Texas.

California’s Burdensome Rules and Regulations:

VonderHaar expresses frustration with the multitude of rules and regulations in California that constantly change, making it difficult for businesses to thrive. He highlights the never-ending taxes and rising costs of goods, such as insurance premiums, as major factors that have put a strain on his business. VonderHaar believes that the state’s tendency to target businesses as a source of revenue ultimately harms the economy and forces more people to leave.

The Impact of COVID-19 and Education:

The COVID-19 pandemic played a significant role in VonderHaar’s decision to move. He explains that the strict rules and regulations imposed on schools pushed him to enroll his two sons in a private school. While he appreciates the quality of education they receive, he paints a grim picture of the environment outside the school, citing homelessness and crime as ongoing concerns. VonderHaar believes that the government needs to address these issues to create a safer and more livable environment for residents.

Security and Safety Concerns:

VonderHaar shares his personal experiences with security issues, including attempted break-ins at his business and the presence of Winnebagos on nearby streets. Concerned for the safety of his employees and family, he has implemented precautions such as not allowing female employees to stay at the office after 5 p.m. without a male escort. He also highlights the challenges of navigating California’s congested traffic, which adds logistical and financial burdens to his business operations.

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The Appeal of Texas:

VonderHaar explains that he has been doing business in Texas since 2016 but only recently decided to expand his operations there. He praises Texas for its business-friendly environment and sees it as a place where his company can grow sustainably. He describes the home he purchased in Texas, a four-acre property with a spacious house, a pool, a barn, a greenhouse, and a chicken coop. VonderHaar emphasizes the warm and welcoming community he has encountered, with neighbors reaching out and offering homemade cookies.


The decision to leave California was not an easy one for Jeffrey VonderHaar, who has built a successful business and made cherished memories there. However, the high costs, burdensome regulations, and deteriorating environment pushed him to seek greener pastures in Texas. While the move may disrupt his business temporarily, VonderHaar is confident that the benefits of a business-friendly environment and a better quality of life for his family outweigh the challenges. California’s loss is Texas’s gain as VonderHaar embarks on a new chapter in his life.