DBS Bank Slashes Executive Bonuses After Service Outages

Singapore’s largest bank, DBS, has reduced CEO Piyush Gupta’s bonus by 30% following disruptions to its digital services, despite the bank’s record profits.

DBS, Singapore’s leading bank, has made headlines after cutting the CEO’s bonus by 30% due to disruptions in its digital services. Despite posting record profits, the bank took this step in response to several glitches that caused outages in its digital payment services and cash machines across the city-state. The Monetary Authority of Singapore had previously banned DBS from making non-essential IT changes or acquiring new businesses for six months. In an effort to address the issue, DBS has announced plans to enhance the resiliency of its systems.

Outages Prompt Bonus Reduction

DBS faced a series of outages in its digital services last year, leading to disruptions in its digital payment services and cash machines. As a result, the bank’s CEO, Piyush Gupta, will see a 30% reduction in his variable pay, amounting to S$4.14 million ($3.1 million; £2.4 million). While DBS recorded a record profit in 2023, the bank took this step to address the shortcomings in its digital infrastructure.

Consequences of the Outages

The Monetary Authority of Singapore responded to the outages by imposing a ban on DBS from purchasing new businesses or making non-essential IT changes for six months. This regulatory action highlighted the severity of the disruptions and the need for DBS to rectify the issues promptly. The bank issued an apology for the outages and committed to improving the resiliency of its systems.

Impact on DBS Management Team

In addition to the reduction in the CEO’s bonus, other members of the DBS management team will also experience a 21% cut in their variable pay. This decision reflects the bank’s commitment to holding its executives accountable for the service disruptions. However, more junior employees will receive a one-off bonus to assist with the higher cost of living.

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Record Profits Amidst Challenges

Despite the outages and bonus reductions, DBS reported annual record earnings, with a 26% increase in net profit to S$10.3 billion in 2023. The bank’s success can be attributed to higher interest rates, which have benefited numerous banks worldwide. Central banks have maintained higher borrowing costs in an attempt to curb inflation, allowing DBS to capitalize on the favorable economic conditions.

Piyush Gupta’s Leadership and Expansion

Piyush Gupta has been the CEO of DBS since November 2009 and has played a pivotal role in the bank’s growth. Under his leadership, DBS has expanded its operations in India, Taiwan, and mainland China. Gupta’s strategic vision has enabled the bank to establish a strong presence in these markets, contributing to its overall success.


DBS, Singapore’s largest bank, has taken decisive action by reducing executive bonuses following disruptions to its digital services. The outages prompted the Monetary Authority of Singapore to impose a ban on DBS, highlighting the need for the bank to address the issue promptly. While the CEO and other senior executives will face pay cuts, DBS reported record profits in 2023, demonstrating its resilience and ability to capitalize on favorable economic conditions. Piyush Gupta’s leadership has been instrumental in the bank’s expansion into key markets, solidifying DBS’ position as a leading financial institution. As DBS works to enhance the resiliency of its systems, it aims to regain customer trust and ensure the uninterrupted delivery of its digital services.