Driver Fleeing Police Crashes Into Super Dollar Center, Causes Extensive Damage

Driver Fleeing Police Crashes Into Super Dollar Center, Causes Extensive Damage

Surveillance footage captures dramatic chase and subsequent crash in Detroit

In a heart-stopping incident in Detroit, surveillance cameras captured the moment a driver fleeing from Southfield police crashed into the Super Dollar Center on 8 Mile Road near Lahser Road. The force of the impact not only caused significant damage to the building but also resulted in a light pole being taken out. This incident unfolded during rush hour, leaving witnesses in shock and police scrambling to apprehend the suspect. In this article, we will delve into the details of the chase, the crash, and the aftermath, shedding light on the extensive damage caused by the reckless actions of the driver.

The Chase and Crash

Southfield police revealed that their pursuit of the driver of a white Chevrolet SUV began after he hit another car and a fence. Instead of pulling over, the driver chose to flee, leading to a high-speed chase that ended in disaster. Surveillance cameras captured the intense moments as the driver weaved through traffic, narrowly avoiding collisions with other vehicles. The footage shows the driver losing control and crashing into the Super Dollar Center, causing significant damage to the building’s frame and roof. The impact was so forceful that it also resulted in a nearby light pole being knocked down.

Attempted Escape

Despite being surrounded by police cruisers on all sides, the surveillance footage reveals the driver’s desperate attempt to escape. Pinned in by the squad cars, the driver is seen trying to make a run for it. However, his escape is short-lived as an officer swiftly deploys a taser, immobilizing him. This dramatic moment highlights the determination of law enforcement to bring the suspect to justice and ensure the safety of the public.

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Extensive Damage

Inside the Super Dollar Center, the aftermath of the crash is evident. Owner Wally Jamiel recounts the moment he heard the loud boom and rushed outside to assess the situation. Initially unaware of the extent of the damage, Jamiel was shocked to find a gaping hole in the roof upon reentering the building. Debris scattered across the floor serves as a reminder of the sheer force of the impact. Despite the significant damage to his property, Jamiel expresses gratitude that no one was injured in the incident, emphasizing the importance of human safety above all else.

Apprehension and Custody

Following the crash, the driver who attempted to flee from the police was successfully tasered and taken into custody. Fortunately, he did not sustain any injuries during the incident. Southfield police are now working to gather more information about the driver and the circumstances leading up to the chase. The suspect will face charges related to reckless driving, evading arrest, and potentially other offenses connected to the initial collision and damage caused.


The dramatic chase and subsequent crash into the Super Dollar Center in Detroit have left the community in shock. Surveillance footage captured the intensity of the pursuit and the devastating impact on the building. While the property damage is substantial, the most crucial takeaway from this incident is the absence of any injuries. The swift actions of law enforcement ensured the suspect was apprehended and brought to justice. As the investigation continues, the community can reflect on the importance of public safety and the dedication of law enforcement in protecting their well-being.

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