Google Maps Introduces AI-Powered Feature for Personalized Local Business Discovery

Google’s latest experimental feature in Google Maps leverages AI to provide users with personalized recommendations for local businesses based on specific needs and interests.

Google Maps is revolutionizing the way users discover local businesses with the of an experimental feature that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI). By analyzing its extensive database of over 250 million places, photos, ratings, and reviews, Google Maps can now offer personalized recommendations for businesses, events, restaurants, and activities in a user’s area. This AI-powered feature aims to provide ultra-personalized suggestions to match any need or interest, transforming how users find and explore local businesses.

AI-Powered Discovery:

The new feature in Google Maps harnesses the power of large language models to analyze its vast database. Users can now enter conversational search queries, and Google Maps will suggest personalized recommendations based on their specific needs. For instance, users can ask for recommendations for “places with a vintage vibe in San Francisco,” and Maps will provide suggestions such as clothing boutiques, record stores, and flea markets. The results are accompanied by photos and review highlights to explain why they meet the user’s criteria.

Refining Search and Group Dynamics:

Users can further refine their search by asking follow-up questions like “How about lunch?” This will generate recommendations for eateries with a vintage ambiance. Additionally, users can save suggested places into lists for future reference. The feature also takes into account group dynamics, allowing families to request “options for kids” and receive curated suggestions for child-friendly places like children’s museums, arcades, and indoor playgrounds. The technology is particularly useful for managing spontaneous or changing itineraries, as users can ask for “activities for a rainy day” and immediately receive indoor options tailored to the current weather and location.

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Early Access Experiment with Local Guides:

To ensure the effectiveness of this AI-powered feature, Google is seeking feedback from a select group of Local Guides. Their input will help shape the technology before a wider rollout. This collaborative approach highlights Google’s commitment to refining its AI capabilities and providing users with the best possible experience.

Implications for Local Search:

The of this AI-powered feature has significant implications for local search and customer discovery. By providing personalized recommendations, Google Maps has the potential to drive more qualified traffic to niche businesses and lesser-known attractions and events. As Google continues to enhance its AI capabilities, businesses may need to optimize their online information in new ways to rank for conversational searches and take full advantage of this technology.


Google Maps’ new AI-powered feature represents a groundbreaking development in personalized local business discovery. By leveraging large language models and its extensive database, Google aims to provide users with tailored recommendations that match their specific needs and interests. This feature has the potential to transform how users explore and find local businesses, driving more qualified traffic to niche establishments and lesser-known attractions. As Google continues to refine its AI capabilities, businesses must adapt their online strategies to optimize for conversational searches and capitalize on this innovative technology.