Police Release Video of Suspect Wanted for Breaking into North Philly Business

Surveillance footage reveals a serial burglar targeting businesses in North Philadelphia

In a bid to bring a serial burglar to justice, the Philadelphia Police Department has released surveillance video capturing the suspect in the act. The footage, taken on February 2, shows the suspect breaking into a business located in the 3200 block of North Broad Street. This incident is just one in a string of similar burglaries that have plagued the same block in recent weeks. With the release of this video, authorities are hoping that the public will be able to assist in identifying and apprehending the suspect.

A brazen break-in caught on camera

The surveillance video, obtained by the Philadelphia Police Department, reveals the audacious actions of the suspect. In the early hours of the morning, at approximately 2:47 a.m., the suspect is seen approaching the front door of the targeted business. Without hesitation, he smashes the glass, gaining entry to the premises. The suspect then proceeds to steal several items, including the owner’s electric bike, before making his escape.

A pattern of criminal activity emerges

This incident is not an isolated event. According to investigators, the same suspect is believed to be responsible for a series of burglaries in the vicinity. Similar break-ins have occurred on the same block, leaving business owners on edge and the community concerned for their safety. The release of the surveillance video aims to raise awareness and gather crucial information to aid in the suspect’s identification and eventual arrest.

Seeking the public’s assistance

With the release of the surveillance footage, law enforcement is urging the public to come forward with any information that may lead to the identification of the suspect. The Philadelphia Police Department has set up a dedicated hotline for tips related to this case. Individuals who have any information are encouraged to call 215-686-TIPS and provide their insights. The community’s cooperation is vital in bringing an end to this spree of burglaries and ensuring the safety and security of North Philadelphia residents.

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The importance of community vigilance

This series of burglaries serves as a reminder of the importance of community vigilance. Business owners and residents in North Philadelphia are urged to remain vigilant and take necessary precautions to protect their properties. Installing security systems, reinforcing doors and windows, and participating in neighborhood watch programs can all contribute to deterring criminal activity. By working together, the community can create a safer environment for everyone.


The release of the surveillance video depicting the suspect responsible for a string of burglaries in North Philadelphia is a significant development in the ongoing investigation. With the public’s assistance, law enforcement hopes to swiftly identify and apprehend the suspect, bringing an end to the spree of break-ins. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of community involvement in ensuring the safety and security of neighborhoods. By remaining vigilant and actively participating in crime prevention measures, residents can play a crucial role in deterring criminal activity and maintaining a safe environment for all.