Small Business Saturday Boosts Missoula’s Local Economy with Gift Card Program

Small Business Saturday Boosts Missoula's Local Economy with Gift Card Program

Missoula Downtown Gift Card Program Supports Local Businesses Year-Round

This weekend’s Small Business Saturday in Missoula, Montana, will not only celebrate and promote local businesses but also contribute to an ongoing effort to support them through a unique gift card program. The Missoula Downtown Gift Card, accepted at over 200 downtown establishments, has proven to be a game-changer for the local economy, generating thousands of dollars in revenue. As the holiday season approaches, this program aims to provide a much-needed boost to businesses during the slower months, ensuring their survival and growth throughout the year.

1: A Lifeline for Downtown Shops

The Missoula Downtown Gift Card program has become a lifeline for downtown shops, especially during the quieter months before the summer season. Last year alone, more than $520,000 worth of gift cards were purchased, injecting much-needed revenue into the local economy. This year’s sales are expected to at least match that total, demonstrating the continued support and enthusiasm for this initiative. Kristen Sackett, the marketing and event director of the Missoula Downtown Partnership, highlights the importance of these gift cards in sustaining local businesses during the slower months, such as January through March, when foot traffic tends to decline.

2: Year-Round Benefits for Consumers

One of the significant advantages of the Missoula Downtown Gift Card is its year-round usability. While the holiday season brings an influx of dollars to downtown businesses, these gift cards provide a consistent revenue stream during the quieter periods. Consumers can use the gift cards at any time, allowing them to support their favorite local businesses even when the holiday rush has subsided. This flexibility not only benefits the businesses but also encourages consumers to explore and engage with the vibrant downtown community throughout the year.

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3: Collaborative Support for Missoula’s Downtown

The success of the Missoula Downtown Gift Card program is a testament to the collaborative efforts of various stakeholders. The Downtown Missoula Partnership and the Missoula Paddleheads Post have played integral roles in promoting and managing the gift card program. By working together, these organizations have created a seamless system that allows consumers to purchase and redeem gift cards at their convenience. This collaborative approach has not only streamlined the process but also strengthened the sense of community and support for local businesses.

4: Boosting Economic Resilience

The Missoula Downtown Gift Card program not only provides immediate financial support to local businesses but also contributes to their long-term economic resilience. By encouraging consumers to spend their dollars locally, the program helps to create a sustainable and thriving downtown economy. The revenue generated from the gift card sales goes directly back into the community, supporting jobs, infrastructure, and future growth. This initiative showcases the power of collective action and highlights the vital role that small businesses play in the overall economic health of a community.


As Small Business Saturday approaches, the Missoula Downtown Gift Card program stands as a shining example of community support and economic resilience. By purchasing and utilizing these gift cards, consumers not only contribute to the success of local businesses but also help to create a vibrant and sustainable downtown environment. The program’s year-round usability ensures that businesses receive support during both busy and slower seasons, providing a lifeline for their survival and growth. As we celebrate Small Business Saturday, let us remember the power we hold as consumers to shape the economic landscape of our communities and continue to support our local businesses throughout the year.

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