The Trust Dilemma: Americans’ Views on Business Adoption of Artificial Intelligence

The Trust Dilemma: Americans' Views on Business Adoption of Artificial Intelligence

Survey Reveals Concerns and Skepticism Towards Responsible AI Use

The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies has ignited a debate about its impact on society, particularly in the business sector. A recent survey conducted by Bentley University and Gallup sheds light on Americans’ opinions regarding the responsible use of AI by businesses. The results reveal a significant lack of trust and widespread skepticism towards AI adoption. As AI continues to permeate various industries, this poses a serious challenge for American businesses seeking to maintain a positive image and navigate the delicate balance between innovation and responsibility.

The Trust Deficit: Americans’ Skepticism Towards AI Adoption

Survey Highlights Concerns and Doubts

The Bentley-Gallup Business and Society Report surveyed Americans on their trust in businesses to use AI responsibly. The findings were striking, with 38% of respondents expressing no trust at all, 41% indicating minimal trust, and only 21% expressing a significant level of trust. What is even more telling is that this lack of trust cuts across education levels, ethnic backgrounds, age groups, and political affiliations, with only 17% to 28% of respondents indicating a substantial level of trust.

The Job Market Implications: Fear of Job Losses

Majority Anticipates Decrease in Jobs Due to AI

The survey also probed respondents about their expectations regarding the impact of AI on the job market in the next decade. The results indicate that 75% of respondents believe there will be a decrease in the number of jobs, while only 6% believe AI will increase job opportunities. A further 19% anticipate no effect on job numbers. This perception remains consistent across various demographics, with 66% to 80% of individuals expecting a decrease in job opportunities due to AI.

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The Ethics of AI: Mixed Views on Benefits and Harms

Divergent Perspectives on the Impact of AI Technologies

The survey reveals a divided opinion on the overall impact of AI technologies. Only 10% of American adults believe that AI technologies do more good than harm, while 50% perceive an equal balance of harm and good. In contrast, 40% believe that AI technologies do more harm than good. Interestingly, there are variations among racial categories, with Black and Asian American adults expressing more positive views of AI technologies compared to Hispanic and White adults.

AI’s Performance Compared to Humans: Task-Specific Opinions

Americans’ Perceptions of AI’s Capabilities

The survey asked respondents to evaluate AI’s performance compared to humans in various tasks. The results reveal a mixed perception of AI’s capabilities. For instance, 38% believe AI performs better than humans in customizing content, while 62% believe AI performs worse than humans in recommending medical advice. These varying opinions highlight the nuanced nature of AI’s strengths and limitations.

The Future of American Business: Balancing Trust and Innovation

The Challenge of AI Adoption for American Businesses

As AI technologies continue to advance and permeate various industries, American businesses face a significant challenge in maintaining a positive image while embracing innovation. With 79% of respondents expressing a lack of trust in businesses to use AI responsibly, this poses a substantial obstacle. The survey findings suggest that mismanagement of the transition to AI adoption could lead to growing antipathy from both employees and consumers.


The Bentley-Gallup Business and Society Report sheds light on Americans’ attitudes towards the responsible use of AI by businesses. The survey reveals a widespread lack of trust and skepticism towards AI adoption, posing a significant challenge for American businesses seeking to embrace AI technologies while maintaining a positive image. As AI investment continues to surge, businesses must thoughtfully manage this transition to address concerns and build trust with employees and consumers. Failure to do so may result in lasting repercussions for American businesses in the era of AI.

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