Walmart’s Bold Moves: Investments, Pay Raises, and Technological Advancements

The global mega-retailer, Walmart, is making significant changes in 2024 that will reshape the company’s strategies and customer experience.

Walmart, the retail giant that originated in Arkansas in 1962, is embarking on a transformative journey in 2024. With a focus on technology investments, inventory enhancements, and worker compensation, the company aims to revolutionize the Walmart experience for its customers. As Walmart prepares to release its fourth-quarter earnings, CEO Doug McMillon is expected to provide further insights into the company’s new strategies and initiatives. This article explores the key developments and potential implications of Walmart’s recent moves.

Investing in the Future

Walmart is making significant investments in various areas to enhance its operations and customer experience. The company’s billion-dollar store makeover program aims to keep customers engaged and satisfied. Notable changes include moving pharmacies to the front of the store with new private screening rooms, showcasing home goods, and widening aisles. These renovations reflect Walmart’s commitment to adapting to evolving customer preferences and expectations.

A Stock Split for Accessibility

In a bid to make its stock more accessible to individual investors, Walmart announced a 3-for-1 stock split. This means that each existing share will be split into three shares, effectively reducing the price per share. The split aims to increase liquidity and demand for Walmart’s stock. Additionally, Walmart hopes that the lower prices will encourage employees to purchase shares, fostering a sense of ownership and loyalty.

Boosting Store Manager Salaries

Addressing previous criticism over worker compensation, Walmart is increasing the average pay of its store managers. The boost, the first in a decade, raises the average salary to $128,000 from $117,000. The company is also revising the managers’ bonus program to prioritize store profits alongside sales. By incentivizing performance and aligning bonuses with store success, Walmart aims to attract and retain top talent while addressing concerns raised by labor groups.

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Embracing Technological Advancements

Walmart has recently unveiled ambitious technology initiatives, signaling its commitment to innovation. CEO Doug McMillon highlighted the potential for speedy drone delivery and artificial intelligence (AI) that predicts online orders. While these projects are currently limited to select markets, Walmart plans to expand their implementation throughout the year. The integration of AI in supply chain management, the existing app, and the inHome service demonstrates Walmart’s dedication to leveraging technology to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Quieter Stores and In-Store Samples

Walmart is actively working to improve the in-store shopping experience. The company has implemented measures such as setting in-store televisions to a static image, dimming lights, and reducing noise levels for a few hours each day. These adjustments have proven beneficial, particularly for neurodiverse individuals with sensory disabilities. Additionally, in an effort to entice customers back to physical stores, Walmart has reintroduced in-store samples, following the lead of Costco. By catering to customer needs and preferences, Walmart aims to increase foot traffic and customer loyalty.


Walmart’s bold moves in 2024 demonstrate the company’s commitment to innovation, employee satisfaction, and customer experience. By investing in technology, enhancing store aesthetics, and improving worker compensation, Walmart aims to stay ahead in a competitive retail landscape. While these initiatives come with risks, such as increased investments and potential shifts in consumer habits, Walmart’s strong financial performance and focus on customer-centric strategies position the company for continued success. As Walmart unveils its fourth-quarter earnings, the impact of these transformative moves will become clearer, offering insights into the company’s future trajectory.

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