Why I Walked Away from Millions of Dollars to Start a Business Over From Scratch

Why I Walked Away from Millions of Dollars to Start a Business Over From Scratch

And three signs you should too.

Businesses that generate high returns can be addictive, leading entrepreneurs to reinvest their profits indefinitely. However, I made the unconventional decision to walk away from a highly successful venture and start anew. In this article, I will share my story and provide three signs that indicate it may be time for entrepreneurs to do the same.

1: Golden handcuffs aren’t just for 9-to-5’s

While the concept of “golden handcuffs” is often associated with well-paying corporate jobs, it can also apply to successful startups. In my case, I had created my own golden handcuffs by becoming too attached to the financial success of my venture. Despite the risk and uncertainty typically associated with startups, I found myself unwilling to let go of the easy money and guaranteed returns. This realization led me to question whether I was truly pursuing my passion or simply following the allure of financial gain.

2: The logics vs. the daredevils

Within the realm of founders, there are two types: the logics and the daredevils. The logics, like myself, have the courage to start a venture but are more cautious, realistic, and risk-averse. On the other hand, the daredevils are carefree, optimistic, and willing to take greater risks. While both types can achieve success, the logics may find themselves trapped by their own success, unable to break free from the golden handcuffs. It is essential for entrepreneurs to evaluate whether they are truly passionate about their current venture or if they are simply adhering to a logical path.

3: The diminishing returns dilemma

One of the key signs that it may be time to walk away from a successful venture is when the returns start diminishing. Just as gambling addicts chase their losses, entrepreneurs can become fixated on maintaining their initial success. However, as markets change and competition increases, it is crucial to recognize when the returns are no longer worth the effort. Walking away at the right time allows entrepreneurs to explore new opportunities and avoid being tied down by their past achievements.

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4: The pursuit of purpose

Walking away from a successful venture is not an easy decision. It requires a deep reflection on one’s purpose and passion. When financial gain becomes the sole motivator, entrepreneurs risk losing sight of what truly drives them. By starting anew, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to align their ventures with their core values and find a renewed sense of purpose.

5: Embracing the unknown

Starting from scratch can be daunting, especially when leaving behind a comfortable and successful venture. However, embracing the unknown can lead to personal growth and new opportunities. It allows entrepreneurs to challenge themselves, learn from failures, and discover untapped potential. Walking away from millions of dollars may seem counterintuitive, but it can be the catalyst for even greater success and fulfillment.


Walking away from a highly successful venture may seem illogical, but it can be a transformative decision. By breaking free from golden handcuffs, evaluating one’s passion, recognizing diminishing returns, pursuing purpose, and embracing the unknown, entrepreneurs can unlock new opportunities for growth and fulfillment. Sometimes, starting over is the best way to find true success.