Yelp Winter Release Introduces Exciting Features to Enhance User Experience

Yelp unveils a range of updates including a more visually appealing feed, AI-powered business summaries, and enhanced privacy features.

Yelp, the popular business discovery platform, has recently announced its winter release, bringing a host of new features to enhance the user experience. These updates include a more visually engaging feed, AI-powered business summaries, and improved privacy options. With these additions, Yelp aims to provide users with a more immersive and personalized experience while connecting them with the best local businesses.

Feed and Discovery Updates:

Yelp’s feed, available on iOS with an Android rollout planned in the coming months, now offers a more visually appealing experience. Users can expect to see collections from Yelp Elites and videos posted by businesses. This follows last year’s of 12-second video reviews, which will also be featured in the revamped feed. These visual elements aim to provide users with a better understanding of businesses and their offerings.

The search experience on Yelp’s iOS app has also been revamped. Even before users type in a query, they will be presented with popular searches, recent searches, and recently viewed businesses. Search results will now feature an image-forward approach, displaying relevant images from listings. Additionally, Yelp will introduce “People also search for” and “Popular dishes nearby” carousels to enhance discoverability.

AI-Powered Summaries and Review Badges:

Yelp has improved its AI-powered review highlights feature, which showcases relevant reviews to users. The platform has enhanced its ability to match queries and now generates summaries of businesses based on recent user reviews. This provides users with a quick overview of a business’s reputation and offerings.

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In an effort to encourage more user reviews, Yelp is introducing review badges. These badges will be displayed next to a user’s review, indicating their passion for a particular category. This feature aims to highlight valuable insights and recommendations from passionate reviewers.

Updates to Services Experience:

Yelp is taking steps to connect users with the best service professionals by introducing a pre-service form. This form prompts users to answer questions about the issue they need assistance with, allowing for a more tailored and efficient connection to service providers. Users can also now send photos and videos to service professionals, eliminating the need for lengthy text descriptions.

To address privacy concerns, Yelp now provides users with a temporary masked number when contacting businesses, ensuring their personal information remains secure. Users can also communicate with businesses via text messages, eliminating the need to open the app each time.


Yelp’s winter release brings a range of exciting updates to its platform, enhancing the user experience and improving the way users discover and connect with local businesses. The visually appealing feed, AI-powered business summaries, and enhanced privacy features demonstrate Yelp’s commitment to providing a personalized and secure experience for its users. With these updates, Yelp continues to solidify its position as a leading business discovery platform, connecting users with the best local services and establishments.