Arlington County’s Environmental Collection and Recycling Event (E-CARE) Returns to Safely Dispose of Unwanted Items

Residents of Arlington County can take advantage of the upcoming E-CARE event to responsibly dispose of old electronics and household hazardous materials.

Spring is the perfect time to declutter and clean out those spaces in our homes that have become repositories for unwanted items. In Arlington County, residents have the opportunity to participate in the Environmental Collection and Recycling Event (E-CARE), a biannual event that allows them to safely dispose of old electronics and household hazardous materials. Taking place on Saturday, March 23, at Wakefield High School, E-CARE provides a convenient and environmentally-friendly way for residents to clear out their homes while ensuring that these items are disposed of properly.

A One-Stop Collection Event

E-CARE offers several collection areas where Arlington residents can drop off their unwanted items. From 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., residents can bring their old electronics and household hazardous materials to Wakefield High School. To streamline the process, residents are advised to pack their vehicles in reverse order, with electronics going in first and hazardous materials afterward. Proof of Arlington residency is required.

Accepted and Not Accepted Items

The county website provides a comprehensive list of items that will be accepted and not accepted at the E-CARE event. Accepted items include automotive fluids, batteries, compact fluorescent light bulbs, household cleaners, paint products (with a limit of 25 cans), and propane gas cylinders, among others. Items containing mercury, such as thermostats and thermometers, will also be collected. However, metal items, bicycle donations, business and commercial waste, asbestos, explosives and ammunition, and prescription medications will not be accepted.

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Responsible Disposal Year-Round

For Arlington County residents and employees who are unable to attend the E-CARE event, there are year-round options for disposing of hazardous household materials. A recycling center located at 530 31st Street S., near Crystal City, accepts these materials. Additionally, scrap metal, appliances, and electronics can be dropped off at the Earth Products Yard in Shirlington or scheduled for pickup for a fee. Inert materials like cement can also be taken to the Shirlington facility.

Curbside Removal and Recycling Options

To further assist residents in responsibly disposing of unwanted electronics, Arlington County offers free curbside removal for computers, keyboards, copiers, scanners, printers, cell phones, and televisions for residential trash, recycling, and yard waste customers. However, there is a small fee for picking up older cathode ray TVs and computer monitors.

Finding Specific Disposal Instructions

If residents are unsure of how to dispose of a particular item, Arlington County provides a useful online tool that allows them to look up specific disposal instructions. This tool ensures that residents can easily find the most appropriate and environmentally-friendly way to dispose of their unwanted items.


Arlington County’s Environmental Collection and Recycling Event (E-CARE) provides residents with a valuable opportunity to responsibly dispose of old electronics and household hazardous materials. By participating in E-CARE, residents can contribute to a cleaner and safer environment while decluttering their homes. The event, along with year-round disposal options and curbside removal services, demonstrates the county’s commitment to promoting sustainable waste management practices. So, this spring, take advantage of E-CARE and join the effort to create a greener Arlington County.

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