Infinidat Partners with Arrow Electronics for Manufacturing InfiniBox-Based Storage Arrays

Infinidat Partners with Arrow Electronics for Manufacturing InfiniBox-Based Storage Arrays

The collaboration between Infinidat and Arrow Electronics aims to enhance production operations and streamline supply chain management for global customers.

Infinidat, a leading provider of data storage solutions, has announced its partnership with Arrow Electronics for the manufacturing of its InfiniBox-based storage arrays. Arrow Electronics, a global product manufacturing and value-added distribution company, will provide full product manufacturing support, allowing customers to allocate their working capital to other areas of their business. This collaboration signifies a strategic move by Infinidat to accelerate its capabilities in delivering cutting-edge storage solutions to enterprise customers worldwide.

Expanding Manufacturing Operations:

Previously, Infinidat relied on a local contract manufacturing partner in Israel. However, the decision to transition its manufacturing services to Arrow Electronics will enable the expansion of production operations with increased purchasing power and multiple manufacturing sites across two continents. Infinidat CEO Phil Bullinger emphasized the importance of this move, stating that it will allow the company to respond more efficiently to global customer demand, particularly in the United States, where its largest customer base is located.

Benefits of Contract Manufacturing:

By partnering with Arrow Electronics, Infinidat can leverage the expertise and efficiencies of a specialized contract manufacturer. In-house manufacturing often requires significant working capital, management oversight, and supply chain overhead. In contrast, a contract manufacturer can consolidate sub-contracts and operate at a larger scale, resulting in cost savings and improved supply chain management. This is especially crucial in the current challenging supply chain landscape caused by the ongoing pandemic.

Enhancing Global Supply Chain Capabilities:

Arrow Electronics’ extensive global supply chain capabilities position them well to navigate supply chain challenges faced by Infinidat and the broader IT industry. Salesh Rampersad, president of Arrow’s intelligent solutions business, emphasized that this collaboration showcases Arrow’s integration services and global supply chain capabilities. By partnering with Arrow, Infinidat can benefit from streamlined supply chain management, integration services, and global logistics, ensuring the seamless delivery of its storage solutions to customers worldwide.

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Positive Business Impact:

Infinidat anticipates an overall positive business impact resulting from this collaboration. By tapping into Arrow Electronics’ broader scale and capabilities, Infinidat expects to achieve greater efficiency in its upstream supply chain and global logistics. This expanded partnership with Arrow will not only support Infinidat’s continued growth but also enhance its market presence and scalability.

Unusual Transparency:

It is worth noting that contract manufacturers typically do not disclose their customers. However, Infinidat’s public deal with Arrow Electronics is unusual in this regard. This move sets Infinidat apart from other companies in the industry that have recently exited the hardware business. Infinidat’s commitment to hardware innovation and reliability is evident through its collaboration with Arrow Electronics.


The partnership between Infinidat and Arrow Electronics marks a significant milestone in the storage solutions industry. By leveraging Arrow Electronics’ manufacturing expertise and global supply chain capabilities, Infinidat aims to enhance its production operations, streamline supply chain management, and meet the growing demand for its InfiniBox-based storage arrays. This collaboration underscores Infinidat’s commitment to delivering reliable and innovative solutions to enterprise customers worldwide, while also positioning Arrow Electronics as a key player in the contract manufacturing and distribution space.