Long Island-based Electronics Company Poised to Have Production Solely in the U.S.

Long Island-based Electronics Company Poised to Have Production Solely in the U.S.

Hauppauge-based Orbic aims to change the global landscape of electronics manufacturing by shifting production from overseas to the United States.

In an era where the majority of electronic devices are manufactured overseas, one Long Island-based company is on a mission to revolutionize the industry. Hauppauge-based Orbic, known for producing high-quality electronic devices, is gearing up to move its entire production process to the United States. This bold move, dubbed “Project Patriot,” aims to manufacture millions of smartphones, hotspots, tablets, and more, right here in New York. With a commitment to quality, control, and growing security concerns, Orbic’s CEO, Mike Narula, is determined to reshape the global landscape of electronics manufacturing.

A Paradigm Shift in Electronics Manufacturing

Orbic’s decision to shift production from India and China to Long Island marks a significant milestone for New York and potentially the entire nation. Starting in October, the company plans to create 500 new jobs in a plant that currently only handles warranty work. This move will enable Orbic to manufacture hotspots, laptops, smartphones, and watches entirely in the U.S. With Verizon as their primary partner, Orbic’s made-in-the-USA effort sets a precedent for the industry.

The Value of Manufacturing in the U.S.

While the cost of labor may be higher in the U.S. compared to China, Narula argues that the benefits outweigh the costs. Manufacturing products domestically provides better quality control, improved supply chain management, and addresses growing security concerns. By investing $30 million into this venture, Orbic aims to capitalize on these advantages. The company has also secured property and sales tax breaks from the state of New York and the Suffolk Industrial Development Agency, making the transition financially viable.

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Creating Job Opportunities and Advancement

Orbic’s decision to manufacture in the U.S. not only brings economic benefits but also creates job opportunities for the local community. Kelly Murphy, the director of the Suffolk IDA, emphasizes the importance of retaining young talent in advanced manufacturing. The new jobs at Orbic offer excellent pay and a trajectory for advancement, ensuring a promising future for employees. By being the first to take this leap, Orbic hopes to inspire other companies to follow suit.

A Vision for Education and Collaboration

Orbic sees immense potential in collaborating with U.S. schools to replace the millions of Chromebooks and laptops currently made in China. Narula highlights that over 95% of the products used in schools are manufactured overseas. By producing these devices domestically, Orbic aims to support local education and contribute to the growth of the American economy. The company is also working with Queensborough Community College to train students for the upcoming job opportunities, further emphasizing their commitment to community development.


Orbic’s ambitious decision to shift production entirely to the U.S. marks a significant milestone in the electronics industry. By manufacturing millions of devices domestically, the company aims to address quality control concerns, improve supply chain management, and contribute to national security. With support from the state of New York and the Suffolk IDA, Orbic is poised to create job opportunities and advance the field of advanced manufacturing. As the first company to take this leap, Orbic hopes to pave the way for a future where electronics manufacturing is synonymous with American-made quality.

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