Long Island-based electronics company poised to have production solely in the U.S.

Long Island-based electronics company poised to have production solely in the U.S.

Hauppauge-based Orbic plans to manufacture electronic devices from start to finish in the U.S., aiming to change the global landscape of device manufacturing.

In a groundbreaking move, Long Island-based electronics company Orbic is set to revolutionize the production of electronic devices by shifting manufacturing from overseas to the United States. With an ambitious goal to manufacture all of their devices in New York, Orbic’s CEO, Mike Narula, aims to bring about a significant change in the global manufacturing landscape. This move not only promises to create job opportunities but also offers better quality control, improved supply chain management, and addresses growing security concerns.

Project Patriot: A Made-in-the-USA Effort

Under the project name “Project Patriot,” Orbic is making history in New York and potentially the entire nation. The company plans to produce hotspots, laptops, smartphones, and watches entirely in the U.S., starting in October. This initiative will result in the creation of 500 new jobs at Orbic’s Hauppauge plant, which currently focuses solely on warranty work.

The Value of Manufacturing in the U.S.

While labor costs in the U.S. are higher compared to China, Narula believes that it is not the right comparison to make. Manufacturing products in the U.S. offers numerous advantages, including better quality control, improved supply chain management, and heightened security. By investing $30 million in this endeavor, Orbic aims to offset the costs through property and sales tax breaks provided by the state of New York and the Suffolk Industrial Development Agency.

Kelly Murphy, the director of the Suffolk IDA, highlights the importance of advanced manufacturing in creating job opportunities and fostering career growth. She emphasizes that these well-paying jobs offer a trajectory for advancement, making them an attractive option for young people.

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Giving Back to the Community

As an immigrant from India, Narula expresses his gratitude for the opportunities he has received in the United States and his desire to give back. He emphasizes that billions of dollars are spent overseas to manufacture the electronic devices that every family relies on. By manufacturing these devices in the U.S., Orbic aims to support local communities and create job opportunities while ensuring that the products meet high-quality standards.

Education and Training for the Future

Orbic recognizes the potential in collaborating with U.S. schools to replace the millions of Chromebooks and laptops that are currently manufactured in China. Narula notes that over 95% of the products used in U.S. schools are made overseas. By working with institutions like Queensborough Community College, Orbic plans to train students for the upcoming jobs, preparing them for a future in advanced manufacturing.


Orbic’s decision to shift its manufacturing operations to the U.S. marks a significant milestone in the electronics industry. By investing in local manufacturing, the company aims to create job opportunities, improve quality control, and address security concerns. This move also presents an opportunity to reduce dependence on overseas manufacturing and foster economic growth in the United States. With Orbic leading the way, the future of electronic device production in America looks promising.