Long Island-based Electronics Company Revolutionizes Manufacturing with Shift to U.S. Production

Long Island-based Electronics Company Revolutionizes Manufacturing with Shift to U.S. Production

Orbic’s ‘Project Patriot’ Aims to Reshape the Global Electronics Industry

In a groundbreaking move, Long Island-based electronics company Orbic is set to transform the manufacturing landscape by shifting production from overseas to the United States. With the goal of manufacturing all electronic devices in New York, Orbic’s CEO, Mike Narula, is spearheading the initiative known as ‘Project Patriot.’ This bold endeavor seeks to bring production of smartphones, hotspots, tablets, and other electronic devices back to American soil, challenging the dominance of China and other international manufacturing hubs. By relocating production from India and China to Long Island, Orbic aims to create 500 new jobs and establish a first-of-its-kind manufacturing facility in New York.

A Paradigm Shift in Manufacturing

Orbic’s decision to move production to the U.S. marks a significant departure from the prevailing trend of outsourcing manufacturing to countries with lower labor costs, such as China. While the cost of labor in the U.S. may be higher, Narula emphasizes the numerous advantages of domestic production, including enhanced quality control, greater supply chain security, and the creation of well-paying jobs. The company’s ambitious move not only showcases their commitment to supporting local communities and the American workforce but also addresses growing concerns over supply chain vulnerabilities and national security.

A Multimillion-Dollar Investment Supported by Tax Breaks

To realize the vision of ‘Project Patriot,’ Orbic plans to invest $30 million in establishing a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility on Long Island. The company has received support from both the New York state government and the Suffolk Industrial Development Agency in the form of property and sales tax breaks. By incentivizing domestic manufacturing, these measures aim to retain young talent and foster job opportunities in advanced manufacturing sectors. Kelly Murphy, director of the Suffolk IDA, highlights the potential for career advancement and the positive economic impact of these high-paying jobs.

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Training the Workforce of the Future

Recognizing the need for a skilled workforce to support its ambitious manufacturing goals, Orbic is collaborating with Queensborough Community College to provide training programs for prospective employees. By partnering with educational institutions, the company is not only equipping students with the necessary skills but also creating a pipeline for future job opportunities. Orbic’s commitment to working with schools extends beyond training programs; the company also envisions replacing the millions of Chinese-made Chromebooks and laptops currently used in U.S. schools with domestically manufactured devices.

A Global Paradigm Shift

Orbic’s decision to bring production back to the U.S. has far-reaching implications for the global electronics industry. With the majority of electronic devices currently manufactured in China, ‘Project Patriot’ challenges the status quo and offers a blueprint for other companies to follow suit. By prioritizing quality control, supply chain security, and job creation, Orbic aims to demonstrate that manufacturing in the U.S. can be a viable and profitable endeavor. As an immigrant from India, Narula hopes that Orbic’s pioneering efforts will inspire other companies to give back to the communities that have provided them with opportunities.


Orbic’s ambitious move to shift production from overseas to the U.S. represents a paradigm shift in the global electronics industry. With ‘Project Patriot,’ the company aims to establish itself as a leader in domestic manufacturing, creating jobs, enhancing quality control, and bolstering supply chain security. Supported by tax breaks and partnerships with educational institutions, Orbic’s initiative is poised to revitalize the American manufacturing sector and inspire other companies to follow suit. As the global electronics industry undergoes a transformation, Orbic’s commitment to bringing production home serves as a testament to the value of domestic manufacturing and the potential for a more secure and prosperous future.

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