Newegg Refreshed: A New Frontier for Budget Electronics

Newegg Refreshed: A New Frontier for Budget Electronics

Newegg’s refurbished gadget program promises competitive prices and sustainability

In a bid to offer consumers more affordable options and contribute to the growing sustainability movement, budget electronics retailer Newegg has launched Newegg Refreshed. This program offers a wide range of professionally inspected and refurbished gadgets, including Apple products, GPUs, laptops, gaming desktops, monitors, smartphones, and tablets. With a focus on reducing waste and providing top-quality pre-owned products, Newegg Refreshed aims to revolutionize the market for refurbished electronics.

1: A Partnership for Quality Assurance

Newegg has partnered with industry-leading refurbishing partners, such as CTS Warehouse and Back in the Box, to ensure that each item in the Newegg Refreshed program is professionally inspected, tested, and cleaned. This collaboration guarantees that customers receive products of the highest quality, comparable to brand new items. By working with trusted refurbishing partners, Newegg aims to build trust and confidence in the refurbished electronics market.

2: A Guarantee of Satisfaction

To further instill confidence in customers, Newegg offers a 90-day guarantee on all refurbished products purchased through the Newegg Refreshed program. This generous return policy allows customers to thoroughly test their purchases and ensures that they are fully satisfied with their refurbished gadgets. By providing this assurance, Newegg aims to dispel any reservations consumers may have about buying refurbished electronics.

3: The Integration of Graphics Card Trade-In

Newegg’s popular graphics card trade-in program has been seamlessly integrated into the Newegg Refreshed service. Customers can now trade in their old GPUs and receive credit towards new ones. This trade-in program not only provides a convenient way for customers to upgrade their graphics cards but also ensures that the traded-in GPUs find new homes through the Newegg Refreshed program. It’s a win-win for both customers and the environment.

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4: Celebratory Offers and Environmental Benefits

To celebrate the launch of Newegg Refreshed, the company is offering customers a 15 percent discount (up to $150) on refurbished Apple products. This limited-time offer, available until February 28, requires the use of the “buy now, pay later” service Zip and the promo code “rezip.” By incentivizing customers to choose refurbished products, Newegg aims to highlight the environmental benefits of reducing waste and supporting the circular economy.


Newegg Refreshed represents a significant step forward for the budget electronics market. By offering professionally inspected and refurbished gadgets across multiple product categories, Newegg aims to provide consumers with affordable options while contributing to sustainability efforts. With a guarantee on all refurbished products and the integration of their popular graphics card trade-in program, Newegg is positioning itself as a leader in the refurbished electronics space. As the industry continues to embrace sustainability and the right to repair movement, Newegg Refreshed sets a new standard for quality and affordability in the market.