Veteran Electronics Professionals Launch New Venture to Strengthen India’s Sensor Manufacturing Capabilities

Awesense Five Pvt Ltd aims to reduce dependence on imported sensors by focusing on domestic manufacturing

A group of five veterans associated with prominent electronics companies in India has joined forces to establish Awesense Five Pvt Ltd, a new venture dedicated to the design and manufacturing of sensors. Recognizing the pivotal role that sensors play in monitoring and control systems, the group is prioritizing the domestic production of these critical components. With the sensitivity and strategic importance of sensors, the reliance on imports poses a significant threat. The founders of Awesense Five are determined to contribute to India’s electronics manufacturing capabilities and reduce dependence on foreign imports.

Addressing the Need for Local Manufacturing

The founders of Awesense Five, including N Ramachandran, Managing Director of MEL Systems and Services Ltd, emphasize the urgency to prioritize and invest efforts in manufacturing sensors locally. The group recognizes the potential risks associated with relying on imports for such sensitive components. By establishing a domestic manufacturing base, Awesense Five aims to strengthen India’s electronics industry and reduce dependence on foreign suppliers.

Diverse Expertise and Collaboration

The new venture brings together the diverse expertise of the five electronics companies involved in its formation. Beyond the goal of manufacturing sensors, Awesense Five aims to showcase the strength of collaboration in the electronics industry. By leveraging their collective knowledge and experience, the founders hope to not only establish a successful business but also inspire further collaboration within the sector.

Targeting Industrial and Defense Sectors

Awesense Five plans to focus primarily on the industrial sensor market, which is estimated to exceed ₹7,000 crore in India. By catering to this sector’s specific needs, the venture aims to capture a significant portion of the market currently reliant on imports. Additionally, the founders recognize the potential in developing sensors for the defense sector. With sensors playing a critical role in various defense equipment, there is ample opportunity to contribute to India’s defense capabilities.

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Complementary Operations and Continued Independence

While Awesense Five will be a separate entity, the founders emphasize that they will continue to run their own respective companies. The new venture will serve as a platform for developing the sensor business and will be managed by professionals. The founders will act as investors, providing guidance and support to ensure the success of Awesense Five while maintaining the independence and operations of their existing companies.

Developing a Strategic Business Plan

Awesense Five is currently in the early stages of development, with the company recently being registered. The group is actively working on a comprehensive business plan, which includes conducting a detailed market survey to understand market requirements. This survey will inform decisions on product mix, required technologies, capital equipment, and necessary skill sets, ensuring that Awesense Five is well-positioned to meet the demands of the market.


Awesense Five Pvt Ltd represents a significant step towards strengthening India’s electronics manufacturing capabilities and reducing dependence on imported sensors. With a focus on the industrial and defense sectors, the new venture aims to cater to the specific needs of these industries. By leveraging the expertise of the founders and showcasing the power of collaboration, Awesense Five seeks to establish itself as a leading player in the sensor manufacturing industry. As the venture progresses, it holds the potential to not only contribute to India’s economy but also inspire further innovation and collaboration in the electronics sector.