Florida Leads the Way for Small Businesses with 2.6 Million New Startups

Florida Leads the Way for Small Businesses with 2.6 Million New Startups

Rolanda McDuffie Shares Insights at Empowering Black Entrepreneurship Seminar

Florida has emerged as the frontrunner in small business growth, with the state witnessing the creation of a staggering 2.6 million new small businesses since 2020. The Sunshine State’s thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem has attracted individuals from various backgrounds, including Rolanda McDuffie, owner of Rolanda S. McDuffie CPA. As a successful small business owner, McDuffie has not only built her own accounting firm but also authored a book to help non-profit businesses avoid common pitfalls. McDuffie’s expertise will be shared at the annual Empowering Black Entrepreneurship Seminar, hosted by the Entrepreneur Collaboration Center in Ybor City, Hillsborough County.

A Journey from Corporate America to Entrepreneurship

Rolanda McDuffie’s entrepreneurial journey began when she felt a desire to pursue something more fulfilling than her corporate job. While working full-time, she started doing taxes on the side as a side hustle. McDuffie’s tax business started to grow rapidly, prompting her to take the leap and establish her own tax firm on a full-time basis. Now, after ten years of hard work and dedication, McDuffie’s CPA firm is thriving.

Sharing Knowledge and Empowering Others

McDuffie’s success has not only benefited her own business but has also allowed her to provide guidance and support to aspiring entrepreneurs. As a guest speaker at the Empowering Black Entrepreneurship Seminar, McDuffie will share her insights and experiences with the attendees. Her goal is to help others navigate the challenges and avoid the common pitfalls she encountered along her entrepreneurial journey. McDuffie’s expertise extends to non-profit businesses, making her insights valuable for a wide range of entrepreneurs.

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A Book to Guide Non-Profit Businesses

In addition to speaking engagements, McDuffie has authored a book that serves as a guide for non-profit businesses. Drawing from her own experiences and challenges, McDuffie’s book aims to equip entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the unique landscape of non-profit organizations. By sharing her expertise, McDuffie hopes to prevent others from falling into the same traps that she encountered.

The Entrepreneur Collaboration Center’s Role in Supporting Small Businesses

The Entrepreneur Collaboration Center (ECC) in Ybor City, Hillsborough County, plays a vital role in supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses. The ECC hosts various events throughout the year, including the annual Empowering Black Entrepreneurship Seminar. These events provide a platform for entrepreneurs to network, learn from industry experts, and gain valuable insights to fuel their business growth. The ECC’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship has contributed to Florida’s thriving small business ecosystem.

McDuffie’s Tips for Entrepreneurs

For entrepreneurs looking for valuable advice and tips from Rolanda McDuffie, her website, www.rsmcduffiecpa.com, offers a wealth of resources. McDuffie’s expertise in financial and tax services, particularly for non-profit businesses, makes her insights invaluable for entrepreneurs seeking guidance in these areas. McDuffie’s firsthand experience and dedication to helping others succeed make her a trusted resource for aspiring and established entrepreneurs alike.


Florida’s impressive growth in small businesses highlights the state’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and providing opportunities for individuals to pursue their dreams. Rolanda McDuffie’s journey from corporate America to successful small business owner serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs. By sharing her knowledge and experiences, McDuffie empowers others to overcome challenges and achieve their own entrepreneurial success. The annual Empowering Black Entrepreneurship Seminar and the Entrepreneur Collaboration Center provide valuable platforms for entrepreneurs to connect, learn, and grow. With the right resources and support, Florida continues to pave the way for small business success.

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