Florida Leads the Way in Small Business Growth

Florida Leads the Way in Small Business Growth

Rolanda McDuffie Shares Insights at Empowering Black Entrepreneurship Seminar

Florida has emerged as the frontrunner in small business growth, with the creation of 2.6 million new small businesses since 2020. This surge in entrepreneurship has paved the way for individuals like Rolanda McDuffie, owner of Rolanda S. McDuffie CPA, to thrive in the Sunshine State. McDuffie, who left her corporate job a decade ago to start her own CPA firm, is now sharing her expertise and experiences to empower aspiring entrepreneurs. McDuffie will be speaking at the annual Empowering Black Entrepreneurship Seminar, hosted by the Entrepreneur Collaboration Center (ECC) in Ybor City, Tampa. Her insights and guidance are invaluable resources for those looking to navigate the challenges of starting and growing their own businesses.

McDuffie’s Journey from Corporate America to Entrepreneurship

Rolanda McDuffie’s entrepreneurial journey began as a side hustle while she was working in corporate America. Fueled by a desire to do more and expand her horizons, McDuffie started offering tax services on the side. As her client base grew, she made the bold decision to leave her full-time job and dedicate herself to her own tax business. This leap of faith paid off, and McDuffie’s business has flourished over the past decade.

Sharing Insights and Empowering Others

McDuffie’s success as a small business owner has inspired her to share her knowledge and experiences with others. As a guest speaker at the Empowering Black Entrepreneurship Seminar, McDuffie will provide valuable insights and practical advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. Her expertise in non-profit and business financial and tax services makes her a valuable resource for individuals looking to start or grow their own ventures.

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In addition to her speaking engagements, McDuffie has also authored a book aimed at helping non-profit businesses avoid common pitfalls. Drawing from her own experiences, McDuffie provides practical guidance and strategies to navigate the challenges that entrepreneurs may face. Her book serves as a roadmap for aspiring business owners, offering them the tools they need to succeed.

The Entrepreneur Collaboration Center’s Commitment to Small Businesses

The Entrepreneur Collaboration Center (ECC) in Hillsborough County is dedicated to fostering the growth and success of small businesses. The ECC hosts various events throughout the year, providing entrepreneurs with opportunities to learn, network, and gain valuable insights. The annual Empowering Black Entrepreneurship Seminar is one such event, bringing together industry experts like McDuffie to inspire and empower aspiring entrepreneurs.


Florida’s thriving small business ecosystem has paved the way for entrepreneurs like Rolanda McDuffie to flourish. McDuffie’s journey from corporate America to successful small business owner serves as an inspiration to others looking to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. Through her speaking engagements and book, McDuffie is empowering aspiring entrepreneurs and offering them the tools they need to navigate the challenges of starting and growing their own businesses. With the support of organizations like the Entrepreneur Collaboration Center, Florida continues to lead the way in fostering small business growth and innovation.