Krishnan Ganesh: Pioneering Entrepreneur and Venture Builder

Krishnan Ganesh: Pioneering Entrepreneur and Venture Builder

In an exclusive interview, Krishnan Ganesh shares his insights on the evolving entrepreneurial landscape in India and the opportunities that lie ahead.

Krishnan Ganesh, a renowned serial entrepreneur, has left an indelible mark on India’s business landscape. With successful ventures like TutorVista, Big Basket, and under his belt, Ganesh has become synonymous with entrepreneurial success. In a recent interview with, he discusses his approach to venture building, the fields he finds attractive, and the qualities he looks for in entrepreneurs. Ganesh also offers valuable advice to aspiring young entrepreneurs, highlighting the changing entrepreneurial scene in India and the opportunities it presents.

Identifying Attractive Fields for Venture Building

Ganesh believes that the fields of generative AI, machine learning, and D-tech hold immense potential for building successful business models. He emphasizes the untapped opportunities in these areas, stating that the potential for growth and innovation is vast. Additionally, Ganesh highlights the promising prospects in the clean mobility sector, particularly in the ecosystem surrounding electric vehicles. He believes that there is still much ground to be covered in these fields, making them ripe for entrepreneurial endeavors.

Building Commercially Viable Business Models

While technology plays a significant role in shaping successful businesses, Ganesh emphasizes the importance of building commercially viable models. He recognizes the challenges India faces in terms of equity in healthcare and education for the masses. Ganesh envisions leveraging technology to bridge these gaps and create sustainable business models that address societal inequities. He mentions his involvement in the not-for-profit Bahaar Foundation, which focuses on creating microentrepreneurs in healthcare and agriculture sectors, particularly in rural areas.

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The Right Entrepreneurial Mindset

Ganesh believes that the key to entrepreneurial success lies in the “Right to Win” attitude. He looks for entrepreneurs who possess a long-term perspective and the resilience to navigate the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial journey. Ganesh emphasizes that entrepreneurship is not a sprint but a marathon, and entrepreneurs must have the temperament to withstand the challenges that come their way. Additionally, he looks for individuals who can leverage technology effectively to disrupt traditional industries and create innovative solutions.

Advice for Young Entrepreneurs

Ganesh’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to always look forward and leverage the evolving ecosystem to build new businesses. He highlights the democratization of opportunities, thanks to advancements in technology and the support system of venture capitalists, mentors, angel investors, and accelerators. Ganesh encourages young entrepreneurs to take risks, emphasizing that the cost of failure is low in today’s entrepreneurial landscape. He urges them to solve big problems and make a difference in the world, especially in India, where significant challenges exist.


Krishnan Ganesh’s journey as a serial entrepreneur and venture builder exemplifies the evolving entrepreneurial landscape in India. With his keen eye for attractive fields, focus on commercially viable business models, and emphasis on the right entrepreneurial mindset, Ganesh continues to make a significant impact. As India’s ecosystem for startups matures and becomes more supportive, Ganesh remains optimistic about the future. His advice to young entrepreneurs to embrace the democratized opportunities and solve big problems resonates with the changing dynamics of the entrepreneurial scene. With Ganesh’s guidance and the ever-expanding ecosystem, aspiring entrepreneurs have the potential to build successful businesses and make a lasting impact on society.

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