SparkHaus: Northern Kentucky’s New Hub for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

SparkHaus: Northern Kentucky's New Hub for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Covington’s Sims Furniture building transformed into a collaborative space for startups, investors, and support organizations.

Northern Kentucky’s entrepreneurial community is set to receive a boost with the opening of SparkHaus, a new headquarters for startups, investors, and support organizations. Located in Covington’s Central Business District, the former Sims Furniture building has been reimagined as a vibrant space where founders, investors, and support organizations can collaborate and foster innovation. SparkHaus aims to provide flexible office space, meeting rooms, and classrooms to support the growth and development of Northern Kentucky-based startups.

A Welcoming Space for Entrepreneurs:

SparkHaus seeks to create a welcoming and community-oriented space for entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey. With the goal of fostering a thriving business environment, SparkHaus aims to be a central hub for startups, investment firms, and entrepreneurial support organizations. Covington, the largest city in Northern Kentucky, already boasts a vibrant startup ecosystem, and SparkHaus aims to further strengthen and unite the community.

Flexible Office Space for Scaling Startups:

One of the key offerings of SparkHaus is its flexible office space, catering to startups with varying team sizes. Whether a startup has one employee or ten or more, SparkHaus provides the necessary infrastructure for growth. The 47,000-square-foot building offers 39,000 square feet of rent-paying office space, ensuring that startups have the room they need to expand their operations.

A Space for Investor-Startup Interaction:

In addition to serving startups, SparkHaus aims to establish a dedicated space for investors. From seed-stage venture capitalists to Northern Kentucky’s largest firms, investors will have the opportunity to interact with growing startups and explore potential investment opportunities. By bringing together capital and startups, SparkHaus aims to facilitate connections and drive further growth in the region.

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Blue North’s Move to SparkHaus:

Blue North, Northern Kentucky’s primary entrepreneurship advocacy and resource organization, will relocate its headquarters from its current location to SparkHaus. With Blue North’s expertise and network, SparkHaus will have a strong foundation in supporting startups and providing valuable resources and guidance.

Unleashing the Potential for Growth:

Dave Knox, Blue North’s executive director, highlighted the tremendous potential for growth in Northern Kentucky. In 2023 alone, nearly 30 startups raised over $10 million in grants and venture capital, attracting investment from firms across the country. With SparkHaus serving as a catalyst for collaboration and innovation, the region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is poised for limitless growth in the years to come.

Renovation and Funding:

The former Sims building, originally constructed in 1929, will undergo renovations to transform it into the vibrant SparkHaus. The project’s total costs and renovation timeline have yet to be finalized, but it is estimated to range between $9 to $10 million. Funding for the project will come from various sources, including the Catalytic Fund of Northern Kentucky, Kenton County, and state and federal tax credits.


SparkHaus represents a significant step forward for Northern Kentucky’s entrepreneurial community. By providing a central hub for startups, investors, and support organizations, SparkHaus aims to foster collaboration, innovation, and economic growth. With its flexible office space, meeting rooms, and classrooms, SparkHaus is poised to become a vital resource for startups looking to scale their businesses. As the region continues to attract investment and nurture its startup ecosystem, SparkHaus is set to play a pivotal role in driving Northern Kentucky’s entrepreneurial success.

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