Carnival Couture: Trinidad’s Rogue Band Pays Homage to Fashion Icons

The Intersection of Fashion and Carnival Celebrated in Trinidad’s En Vogue Theme

Trinidad and Tobago’s annual Carnival is a vibrant celebration of culture, music, and creativity. Each year, masqueraders take to the streets of Port of Spain, adorned in elaborate costumes that showcase the rich heritage of the island. For the 2024 Carnival season, the Rogue carnival band has chosen a theme that pays homage to fashion luminaries such as Tom Ford, Donatella Versace, Gianni Versace, and Alexander McQueen. Under the leadership of Jules Sobion, Rogue aims to embody the spirit of these iconic designers and their contributions to the world of fashion.

A Fusion of Fashion and Carnival

Trinidad Carnival is renowned for its fusion of art forms, and the marriage of fashion and carnival is no exception. Each year, a team of designers and production experts collaborate to create a unique aesthetic that defines the masquerade costumes worn by revelers. The Rogue carnival band, loyal to Caesar’s Army, a brand known for its immersive J’Ouvert events and festivals, has embraced the challenge of combining the worlds of high fashion and carnival.

Overcoming Challenges and Celebrating Milestones

After a challenging 2023 Carnival season marred by supply chain issues, Jules Sobion was determined to make a triumphant comeback in 2024. As the leader of Rogue, Sobion sought a theme that would symbolize overcoming setbacks and celebrating a milestone year. The idea of “En Vogue” emerged, inspired not only by the renowned fashion designers but also by the iconic R&B and soul trio from the ’90s.

The Power of Fashion Icons

Tom Ford, Donatella Versace, Gianni Versace, and Alexander McQueen have left an indelible mark on the fashion industry. Their designs have graced the pages of Vogue and have become synonymous with elegance, innovation, and daring creativity. By paying homage to these fashion icons, Rogue aims to infuse their spirit into the vibrant energy of Trinidad Carnival.

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The Influence of Caesar’s Army and Tribe

Caesar’s Army, a prominent brand in the Soca community, has partnered with Tribe, a longstanding Trinidad and Tobago carnival stalwart, to create a cohesive and visually striking experience for masqueraders. The collaboration emphasizes a uniform aesthetic, highlighting the unity and camaraderie among the participants. Sobion’s vision for the En Vogue theme aligns with this ethos, as it represents a collective triumph over adversity.

“Free Your Mind, and the Rest Will Follow”

The lyrics of En Vogue’s iconic song resonate deeply with Sobion’s vision for the Rogue band in 2024. The theme serves as a reminder to embrace individuality, break free from limitations, and allow creativity to flourish. Through their masquerade costumes, Rogue aims to inspire masqueraders and spectators alike to unleash their imaginations and celebrate the transformative power of fashion.


Trinidad’s Rogue carnival band’s En Vogue theme for the 2024 Carnival season is a testament to the enduring influence of fashion icons and the creative synergy between fashion and carnival. Jules Sobion’s determination to overcome challenges and celebrate a milestone year has resulted in a vibrant and visually stunning tribute to the likes of Tom Ford, Donatella Versace, Gianni Versace, and Alexander McQueen. As the masqueraders take to the streets of Port of Spain, they embody the spirit of these fashion luminaries, reminding us all of the power of self-expression and the joy of celebration.