Trinidad Carnival 2024: Celebrating Fashion and Resilience with Rogue Carnival Band

Rogue Carnival Band pays homage to iconic fashion designers and embraces resilience during Trinidad Carnival 2024

Trinidad and Tobago’s vibrant and culturally rich Trinidad Carnival is a celebration that captivates the world every year. In 2024, the Rogue Carnival Band took center stage, donning chic masquerade costumes inspired by renowned fashion designers Tom Ford, Donatella Versace, Gianni Versace, and Alexander McQueen. Led by Jules Sobion, the band aimed to embody the spirit of these fashion icons while triumphing over the challenges faced in the previous year. With a theme of “En Vogue,” the Rogue Carnival Band aimed to pay tribute to the designers’ influence and inspire resilience in the face of adversity.

The Intersection of Fashion and Carnival

Trinidad Carnival is not only a celebration of culture, music, and dance but also a platform for artistic expression and creativity. Each year, carnival troupes embrace a new motif, brought to life by a team of fashion and production designers. For Trinidad Carnival 2024, Jules Sobion, the band leader of Rogue, envisioned a theme that would honor the iconic fashion designers who have graced the pages of Vogue and left an indelible mark on the industry. “En Vogue” became the perfect homage to their influence.

A Fusion of Loyalty and Resilience

Rogue Carnival Band is known for its loyal followers who jump-up with Caesar’s Army, a brand renowned for its immersive J’Ouvert events and festivals in the Soca community. Sobion, determined to overcome the challenges faced in the previous year, sought to rebound with a theme that celebrated a milestone year and symbolized resilience. The choice of “En Vogue” was not only a nod to the fashion designers but also a reflection of the band’s determination to free their minds from setbacks and let the rest follow.

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A Symbolic Fifth Year

2024 marked the fifth year of Rogue Carnival Band’s participation in Trinidad Carnival. Sobion, drawing inspiration from Roman numerals, found significance in the letter “V.” As the band leader reflects on the steel orchestra practicing outside his office for Panorama 2024, the national steelpan competition, he contemplates whether the repetition of the same song is driving him crazy or fueling his passion. This internal struggle mirrors the band’s journey, where challenges have tested their resilience, but their commitment to the Carnival spirit remains unwavering.

Embracing the Spirit of Fashion Icons

The costumes created for the Rogue Carnival Band were a visual representation of the fashion icons they honored. From the sleek and refined designs inspired by Tom Ford to the bold and opulent creations reminiscent of Donatella Versace and Gianni Versace, the masqueraders embodied the essence of these legendary designers. Furthermore, the band paid tribute to Alexander McQueen’s avant-garde style, pushing boundaries and embracing the unexpected.

A Triumph of Resilience and Unity

Trinidad Carnival 2024 became a testament to the power of resilience and unity. The Rogue Carnival Band, in collaboration with Tribe, a Trinidad and Tobago carnival stalwart, showcased a uniform aesthetic that symbolized their collective strength. Through the theme “En Vogue,” the band encouraged masqueraders and spectators alike to free their minds from adversity and embrace the transformative power of Carnival.


Trinidad Carnival 2024 will be remembered as a celebration of fashion, resilience, and unity. The Rogue Carnival Band, led by Jules Sobion, paid homage to iconic fashion designers while triumphing over the challenges faced in the previous year. Through the theme “En Vogue,” the band encouraged masqueraders to embrace the spirit of the fashion icons and let go of setbacks. Trinidad Carnival continues to captivate the world, showcasing the unique fusion of culture, music, and fashion that makes it a truly unparalleled event.

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