Edward Enninful: A Fashion Trailblazer Who Transformed British Vogue

From the all-Black issue to diverse perspectives, Edward Enninful reshaped the fashion industry.

In 2008, Vogue Italia released an all-Black issue that defied industry norms and sold out within 72 hours. This groundbreaking moment shed light on the lack of diversity in the fashion world. A decade later, British Vogue experienced its own transformation when Edward Enninful became the first Black editor in its history. Enninful’s tenure revolutionized the publication, bringing in diverse voices, challenging conventions, and making a lasting impact on the industry.

A Reckoning with Anti-Blackness in Fashion

The success of Vogue Italia’s all-Black issue highlighted the deep-rooted diversity issue in the fashion industry. The fact that the edition sold out so quickly demonstrated the hunger for representation and inclusion. Enninful’s appointment as editor of British Vogue a decade later was a clear sign that the industry was finally reckoning with its anti-Blackness problem.

Enninful’s Obama Moment

Edward Enninful, a Ghanaian-born, British-raised stylist, became the first man and first Black person to hold the title of editor at British Vogue. His appointment marked a significant milestone for diversity in the industry. Enninful’s extensive experience and unique perspective allowed him to bring a fresh and inclusive approach to the publication.

Overcoming Backlash and Unconscious Racism

Enninful’s appointment was met with backlash, with some critics dismissing it as a diversity hire. However, Enninful remained undeterred and used these experiences as fuel for his determination to make a difference. He faced instances of unconscious racism, such as being instructed to use the loading bay lift by a white security guard. These challenges only strengthened his resolve to create change within the industry.

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Elevating British Vogue

Enninful’s leadership transformed British Vogue into a platform that championed diversity, compassion, and competitiveness. He brought in a diverse range of voices and perspectives, addressing important topics such as race, disability, queerness, sustainability, and the climate crisis. Enninful’s ability to subvert traditional fashion media norms while maintaining the core essence of the publication helped elevate British Vogue during a period of crisis for print media.

Expanding the Pool of Possibilities

Under Enninful’s editorship, British Vogue became a catalyst for change, opening doors for marginalized individuals in the industry. Misan Harriman became the first Black photographer to shoot the cover of British Vogue, while influential figures like Yomi Adegoke, Bernardine Evaristo, and Afua Hirsch became regular contributors. Enninful’s commitment to diversity and inclusion broadened the pool of possibilities for fashion and beauty journalism.

A Lasting Legacy

As Edward Enninful bids farewell to British Vogue, his final cover serves as a testament to his transformative tenure. Shot by renowned photographer Steven Meisel, the cover features a diverse array of models, celebrities, and activists. Enninful’s impact on fashion and beauty journalism, as well as his progressive influence on Britain and the world, is undeniable. His legacy will continue to shape the industry and inspire future generations.


Edward Enninful’s tenure as editor of British Vogue marked a pivotal moment in the fashion industry’s journey towards diversity and inclusion. Through his leadership, Enninful challenged conventions, elevated marginalized voices, and brought about lasting change. His legacy will be remembered as a turning point in fashion media, ensuring that the industry continues to evolve and embrace the beauty of diversity.

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